Letter M Worksheets

This set of letter M worksheets will come in handy when learning the ABC’s.

The pages are also great for students who struggle with letter recognition and identification, as they are fun and easy to solve.

On the first page, kids need to identify and color the objects that start with the letter M. Magnet, magnifying glass, moon and mushroom are to be colored while the wolf, iron and cactus stay uncolored.

The second page is about tracing uppercase and lowercase letters.

Continue to a page with a bunch of different letters – students need to circle all the M’s they can find.

The next worksheet is a color by letter page. Young learners need to find the letter M and color all those areas in green to reveal the hidden image.

Strengthen their skills some more with an alphabet maze. Kids need to draw a line following the upper and lowercase letters M to solve the maze.

It’s time for to strengthen the writing of the uppercase letter M. Children need to trace the letters and try to write them on their own in the last blank row.

On the next page, there is a lowercase letter M worksheet. They will do the same as in the previous page – trace, write and color the image.

The last page of this set has 3 simple sentences with images. Kids need to find all the “M’s” and “m’s” and color them crayons or markers.

Letter M Alphabet Worksheets

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