Letter N Worksheets

Get ready to learn the letter N with a set of fun alphabet worksheets.

Young learners will build their letter knowledge and strengthen the pre-writing skills of letter N in no time.

There are 8 alphabet worksheets in this set.

Start off with the first page where kids need to identify and color the objects that begin with a letter N. Needle, net, nest and nail are going to be colored and guitar, dinosaur and astronaut are going to be left out.

Worksheet number two is all about tracing the letters and strengthening fine motor skills. Students will trace the upper and lowercase letter N.

The following page is a letter hunt. Kids need to find all the upper and lowercase letters N and circle them.

Continue to the color by letter worksheet. Encourage students to find the letter N and color those areas with a brown crayon.

The next one is a letter maze. Students will have fun searching the exit of it, by following the “N’s” and “n’s”.

Work on uppercase and lowercase letter N some more by tracing and writing these letters in the next two pages.

On the last worksheet, there are 3 simple sentences, where kids need to find the upper and lowercase letters N and color that letter with their marker.

Letter N Alphabet Worksheets

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