Letter O Worksheets

The set is great for preschool and kindergaten as well as older kids who struggle with their letters.

The alphabet worksheets set includes 8 worksheets with many different approaches to learning the letter O.

On the first page, children will be using their crayons to color all the objects that start with a letter O. Color the octopus, ostrich, owl and ox. They won’t color the violin, kite and iron.

The second one is a nice intro to the both – uppercase and the lowercase letter O. Kids need to trace the word “ostrich” at the bottom.

The next page is a color by letter worksheet. Young ones will find all the “O’s” and “o’s” and color the area with a red marker.

On the following page, they will need to find a way out of a letter maze. After following the O’s, kids need to draw a line over the O’s and find the exit.

The next two pages are all about tracing and writing. Kids will trace upper and lowercase letters and try to write them on their own into the last blank row.

On the last page, there are 3 simple sentences equipped with images, where students need to find all the letters O and color them with their markers.

Letter O Alphabet Worksheets

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