Letter R Worksheets

These easy early literacy worksheets are great when your kids are working on learning the letters of the alphabet.

The set includes 8 different pages of letter R that will reinforce your student’s pre-writing skills.

On the first page, kids need to recognize and color all the objects that start with the letter R. Rocket, robot, ruler and ring will be colored while the lamp, hat, umbrella, yacht and fox will be left uncolored.

The second page offers a nice letter tracing practice – students need to trace all of the upper and lowercase letter R, and the word “rainbow”.

On the next alphabet worksheet, kids will be practicing their letter recognition by searching for the letter R among other letters of the alphabet. After they find the letter R, they need to circle it with a marker.

Continue to another fun learning sheet – a color by letter page. Kids need to find the areas where letter R is located and color that whole area with a green marker.

The next comes a big letter maze. By following the uppercase and lowercase letter R, kids will draw a line from start to finish and solve the maze.

Keep them working on uppercase and lowercase letters some more with the next two pages. The worksheets show young learners how to properly write the letter R.
At the bottom of each page – after they trace all the dashed letters – they will write the letter R on their own.

The last page includes 3 simple sentences decorated by images. Kids need to find “R’s” and “r’s” and color all of them.

Letter R Alphabet Worksheets

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