Letter U Worksheets

The set includes 8 worksheets about letter U.

The alphabet worksheets are appropriate for pre-k and kindergartners.

The first page is all about finding the objects that begin with letter U and coloring them. Unicycle, umbrella, unicorn and undies can be colored while a ruler, hedgehog, caterpillar, tree and hat can not.

The second page includes upper and lowercase letters for tracing. At the bottom, children need to trace the word umbrella and color the image.

On the third worksheet is a letter hunt – kids need to find all the letters U and circle them with a marker. This exercise is perfect to strengthen letter recognition skills.

Continue to the next page, where students will again need to hunt down all the capital and lowercase letters U to reveal the hidden image by coloring the areas in purple.

They will draw the line from start to finish, following the letters U, to solve the maze on the next alphabet worksheet.

The next page is all about the capital letter U. Kids will be tracing the letters by following the guides, and try to write the letter “U” by themselves in the last row.

The following page is the same, only students will be working on a lowercase letter “u”, tracing it and try to write it on their own.

The last page has 3 simple sentences with images. Young learners need to find all the letters U within

them, and color the letters with their favorite marker.

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