Letter W Worksheets

The set includes 8 different pages that all focus on the letter W.

The first worksheet in this set asks the students toto identify different objects and color the ones that begin with the letter W. Window, well, watch, whale and wolf can all be colored. The ball, envelope and ghost will remain uncolored.

The second page is about tracing the lower and uppercase letter W. Kids will learn how to properly write the w’s and W’s. At the bottom of the page, they will trace the word “wheel”.

The following page has a bunch of different letters on it. Kids need to find the W’s and w’s and circle them with a marker.

On the next page, they will solve the color by letter worksheet. They need to find all the letters W and color those areas with blue color.

Continue to the letter maze, where children need to follow the uppercase and lowercase letters W to solve the maze and get to the finish.

The next two worksheets are all about tracing the uppercase and lowercase letter W.
At the bottom of both pages, there is an empty line, where they need to try to write the W on their own.

And on the last page, there are 3 simple sentences. Students need to find and color all the “W’s” and “w’s” they can find.

Letter W Alphabet Worksheets


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