Letter X Worksheets

Which words begin with a letter X? How to write this interesting letter? Your students will learn it all in this set of worksheets.

The alphabet letter X set includes 8 pages, is appropriate for kindergartners and is easy to solve.

The first page has 9 different objects on it. Students need to identify them and figure out which ones begin with the letter X, then color those images.

On the second page, they will be tracing upper and lowercase letter X. At the bottom, they will trace the word “x-ray”.

The third page includes a bunch of letters in different fonts. Kids need to use their letter recognition skills, find the X’s, and circle them with a marker.

The next one is a fun color by letter worksheet. Kids will use their black markers and color the areas that include the letter X to reveal a hidden image.

Continue strengthening your student’s letter recognition skills with a letter maze. They need to follow the uppercase and lowercase letters and draw a line over them to solve the maze.

Concentrating only on capital letters, this worksheet will guide your kids through the formation of letter X, how to properly write it, and will encourage them to write the letter by themselves.

On the next page, kids will also trace the letter X, only this time, the X will be in a lowercase form.

The final page includes 3 simple sentences decorated with images. Kids need to find all the letters X in those sentences and color them with their best marker.

Letter X Alphabet Worksheets

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