Letter Y Worksheets

Have your kids work on the letter Y with these fun alphabet worksheets.

The set is made with kindergartners in mind and is appropriate for anyone, who needs some good ABC practice.

On the first one, kids will be concentrating on object identification. They will need to color the objects that begin with the letter Y with their best coloring supplies. Yoyo, yacht and yak are all good to color while other objects are not.

The next page has lowercase and uppercase letters to trace. Students will follow the dotted lines with a marker and learn how to properly write each letter. They will also trace the word “yacht” at the bottom of the page.

Carry on to the third page, where there are a bunch of letters – kids need to find only letters X and circle them.

The next one is a color by letter worksheet. Kids will reveal a hidden image after they’ve colored all the areas that include the letter X.

Encourage them to hunt for some more letters and solve the maze by following the letters X all the way from start to finish.

Strengthen those letter writing skills by solving the next two pages, where the emphasis is on uppercase and lowercase letter X. Students will try out their knowledge and write the letter on their own into the last blank row.

And on the final page, there are 3 different sentences, where kids need to find all the “X’s” and “x’s” and color them with a marker.

Letter Y Alphabet Worksheets

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