Peek-a-Boo Mother’s Day Card Craft

Looking for a unique and personalized gift for moms on this Mother’s Day? Look no further than our Peek-A-Boo Mother’s Day Craft template! This craft is designed to be both fun and easy to make, with movable hands that hide the child’s eyes just like when you play peek-a-boo.


But what really sets this craft apart is the ability to personalize it with a photo or a drawing of a child (we’ve got one where the face is already drawn as well). Simply print out a photo of your choice and attach it to the front of the craft, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind gift that any mom is sure to cherish for years to come.

As families come in all shapes and sizes, the template without “Happy Mother’s Day” is also included, making this craft perfect to make and gift to pretty much anyone.

Last but not least, the template comes in two sizes.

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