Printable Dinosaur Activity Book

Fun to use all year round this dinosaur quiet book will excite young dino lovers. It covers a good range of basic skills so it makes a great learning aid.

Print, laminate and assemble (simple instructions are included).


  • shapes as kids match the shapes to make the dinosaur bodies
  • count by counting the number of teeth on a cute little dinosaur
  • shapes by matching sparkly gemstones with their outlines
  • match the silhouettes to complete the dinosaur fossil
  • count the fossils with a magnifying glass
  • number sense with stegosaurus
  • color matching with dinosaurs
  • trace the letters with the Dino alphabet
  • Spinning puzzle – turn the circles to solve the puzzle

Works best when laminated or used with page protectors. Kindergarten and preschool age appropriate.

Printable Dinosaur Quiet Book. Fun activity book for preschool and kindergarten.

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