Printable Valentines Day Activity Book

Busy books are great to give to kids who need additional practice with some of the skills as well as a great activity binder to keep at hand for morning work.

Activities included in the V-day addition activity book are:

  • animals pair matching – match the two animals of the same species to form a heart – match two birds, two cats, two bears, two dogs, two elephants and two frogs
  • chocolate box shape match – match the shapes with their outlines to fill the chocolate box
  • color match – match the hearts to their colors – learn color words at the same time
  • conversation hearts letter match – practice letter recognition by matching upper case letters to upper case letters (or lower case to lower case) or practice matching upper case letters to lower case letters (or lower case to uppercase)
  • compound words love notes – put the 3 pieces of puzzles together to build an envelope – on each envelope part there is a picture and a word (bird + house = birdhouse).
  • ten frames with love bugs. Match the ten frames to the number on the love bug
  • Rhyme bouquet – match the images that rhyme to complete the bouquet of flowers.

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