Sea Animals Counting To 3 File Folder Game

This ocean animals counting to 3 file folder game is a fun activity to use during the summer time. Let kids reinforce their counting skills as they count groups of animals (with 1, 2 or 3 animals in them). Encourage young learners to count the sea animals out loud, learning both number names as well as number order. Once they have counted the number of animals in the group, they will match the group with the correct number.

We recommend you laminate this summer counting to 3 file folder game and attach Velcro dots (self adhesive are best) on both the pieces with numbers (on the back) as well as inside the rectangle outlines.

Age range: preschool and kindergarten. An addition to Common Core Standards Learn to count to 3 (K-A.1) Count to 3 (K-A.2)

Sea Animals Counting to 3 File Folder game for preschool and kindergarten

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