Spring Color by Shape

These fun spring color by shape worksheets will come in handy in spring time – give your students a fun way to practice their shape recognition.
The worksheets are great for pre-K and kindergarteners.
Shapes included in the worksheets are a circle, a star, a triangle, a pentagon, a rectangle, a kite, a square, an ellipse, a hexagon, a trapezoid (trapezium), and a rhombus (diamond).
There are 5 different pages in this set. Students will learn to recognise different shapes and strengthen the fine motor skills as they color in the sections.
The first page has a watering can and flowers in it to color. On the second page, there is a bird on a branch. The third page has a bee and a flower to color. On the next page, there is a birdhouse and who birds, and on the last one students will be coloring a rain boat in a puddle.
Spring Color by Shape

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