Printable Rainforest Finger Puppets – Monkey, Snake, Lemur, Sloth…

These fun printable rainforest animals Finger Puppets for kids will ignite the imagination of your little ones! This charming set includes 10 different animals from the rainforest that are both fun to create and play with.

With both pre-colored and black-and-white versions, these finger puppets offer a world of possibilities. Let your little ones enjoy the vibrant pre-colored puppets or unleash their imagination by having them color their own unique designs on the black-and-white ones.

The animals included are: monkey, lemur, sloth, capybara, parrot, toucan, jaguar, snake, frog, ocelot.

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Our Printable Rainforest Finger Puppets are not only entertaining but also educational. They encourage storytelling, imaginative play, and fine motor skill development. Your kids will love bringing their favorite rainforest animals to life with these adorable puppets.

Whether it’s a rainy day indoors or a fun-filled playdate with friends, these finger puppets will keep your children engaged and entertained for hours. Witness their creativity and storytelling abilities flourish as they embark on numerous rainforest adventures.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ignite your child’s imagination and make playtime even more enjoyable.

Printable Rainforest Animal Finger Puppets

Silly Polar Animals Coloring Pages

Silly Polar Animals Coloring Pages

These silly polar animals coloring pages are perfect during the winter days, or simply any time of the year when you need to keep the little hands busy.

The collection includes 4 different polar animals for your kids or students to color in.

There is a seal, a polar bear, a walrus, and a killer whale. Each design is simple enough for the youngest kids and older ones to color it in.

This animal coloring pages collection a perfect addition to the arctic animals unit in class or as home entertainment.

Silly Polar Animals Coloring Pages

Silly Forest Animals Coloring Pages

Silly Forest Animals Coloring Pages

Your students or kids will love this collection of silly forest animals coloring pages.

With a splash of color they will bring 8 silly forest animals to life.

There is an owl, a hedgehog, a raccoon, a fox, a bear, a deer, a squirrel, and a wolf to color.

Older kids can decorate these animal coloring pages by adding to the coloring pages such as drawing trees, grass, or even raindrops, sunny weather or a storm.

Silly Forest Animals Coloring Pages

Silly Turtle and Tortoise Coloring Pages

This silly turtle and tortoise coloring pages are great for indoor recess or as a party treat during the summer.

And what is the difference between the two silly reptiles? The tortoises live on land while the turtles spend most of their life in water.

You will get 4 different turtle and tortoise designs in this printable pack.

These pages can come in handy in the classroom during the reptiles unit study or just to keep the young ones busy at home.

Silly Turtle and Tortoise Coloring Pages

Silly Ocean Animals – Coloring Pages

Hop into the summer with the silly ocean animals coloring pages. This collection includes 6 unique ocean animals your kids need to color in.

Kids will be coloring these sea animals: a fish, a seahorse, a dolphin, a shark, a whale, and an octopus.

These summer coloring pages designs have big spaces for coloring and are suitable for preschoolers and kindergartners as well.

The collection is a perfect addition to your ocean study and the pages are great as outdoor or indoor fun.

Silly Ocean Animals Coloring Pages

Silly Pet Coloring Pages

If you have pets at home, you know they can be quite silly sometimes. This pack of silly pet coloring pages includes 6 different pets and is fun to color.

Your kids will be coloring a dog, a cat, a parrot, a hamster, a canary, and a guinea pig.

The pages can be useful during parties or as morning work.

They are also perfect for indoor recess and to strengthen those important fine motor skills.

Enjoy with these silly pets and keep on coloring!

Silly Pet Coloring Pages

Silly Snakes Coloring Pages

Silly Snake Coloring Pages

The collection of silly snakes coloring pages includes 2 silly looking designs.

These pages will be a great addition when learning about the letter “S”.

Your kids or students can use their best crayons and make these two snakes as colorful as they want.

The pages can come in handy during the reptiles unit study or simply just for fun.

Print out the page and you are ready to grab those crayons or markers and color the snakes.

Silly Snake Coloring Pages

Silly Frog Coloring Page

Learning about frogs and need some coloring material? This silly frog coloring page is great for your classroom or home as it is simple and fun to color.

This cute fellow is sitting on a water lily leaf and will come out great using vivid colors.

It is perfect for supplementing your amphibians or frog unit and can be great for early finishers or morning work too.

Keep those little hands busy and print it out.

Silly Frog Coloring Page

Silly Snail Coloring Pages

Silly Snail Coloring Pages

These two silly snail coloring pages are perfect during spring and during the whole year round. Your kids or students will be coloring two unique pages of snails.

The designs are simple with big spaces and are appropriate for younger children (kindergarten and preschool).

The older ones can add some of their own backgrounds such as grass, rocks or anything they see fit.

Enjoy these slimy creatures and have fun coloring in the designs.

Silly Snail Coloring Pages

Silly Lizard Coloring Pages

Silly Lizard Coloring Pages

Get creative with these silly lizard coloring pages. There are 4 different types of lizards in this reptile coloring pages collection.

These reptiles are perfect for both younger and older kids. The designs are simple and easy to color in.

These animal coloring pages may come in handy during the animal classification lesson or a reptile unit study.

So let them grab those colorful crayons and make these silly lizards as colorful as they can.

Silly Lizard Coloring Pages

Silly Zebra Coloring Page

Coloring Page Silly Zebra

This silly zebra coloring page is great for both big kids and for young ones too.

You can use this page as a reward or during the African animals unit study (great for early finishers).

The design on this animal coloring page is simple to color in and your kids will love to color this beautiful mammal.

There are no rules when it comes to coloring, so let them choose their colorful crayons and make this silly zebra even sillier.

Silly Zebra Coloring Page

Printable Zebra Mask Template

Zebra Mask

Is it a horse? Is it a donkey? No, it’s a zebra! Print out these cool zebra mask templates and let your kids run around like a bunch of happy zebras.

This is a wonderful low prep project which makes it perfect for younger kids (preschool and kindergarten). And as zebras are black and white, not much coloring is involved so even the most un-patient kids will have a blast with this animal mask.

Printable Zebra Mask Template

Silly Tiger Coloring Page

Coloring Page Silly Tiger

You kids will absolutely love this silly tiger coloring page. The design is simple and includes wide areas so even the youngest kids can easily color it in. It is also great for the older ones, who can add their own backgrounds such as grass, trees or something else.

So let your kids or students use their best crayons for this magnificent animal coloring page.

Silly Tiger Coloring Page

Printable Tiger Mask Template

Tiger Mask

Enhance your jungle, safari or feline unit study with a fun printable tiger mask craft. Print out the pre colored or even better the black and white tiger mask and have the kids color it in all by themselves.

To make an art and craft activity, incorporate recycled materials – have the kids glue the mask on the cereal boxes to give the mask more durability and let them use scrap paper or fabric to color the mask instead of using crayons and other coloring supplies.

Printable Tiger Mask Template

Printable Panda Mask Template

Panda Printable Mask

When it comes to bears, panda bears really are something special.

If your students are learning about pandas or bears in general, these printable panda masks will be a wonderful addition to the lesson. Learning through play is always the best.

Print out the masks on heavier print paper (or regular paper and glue the, on a heavier background), cut out the eyes (older kids can do this by themselves while younger ones will need assistance). Punch holes and tie elastic.

Printable Panda Mask Template


Silly Rhino Coloring Page

Coloring Page Silly Rhino

The silly rhino coloring page is a great boredom buster for your kids or students. This animal coloring page is designed with younger kids in mind, so there is a lot of large spaces to color in.

The rhinoceros is well known by its horn, and the kids will be happy to color it. This fellow is sitting behind the bushes and just waiting to be colored in.

You can use this page for early finishers as well as during the jungle animals or similar study unit.

Grab those crayons or markers and have fun coloring this magnificent mammal.

Silly Rhino Coloring Page

Printable Monkey Mask Template

Who is a funky monkey? Surprise your class with this fun crafty project. Print the pre-colored mask or, even better, the coloring page mask and have the kids make their own animal mask.

No need to have them stick with traditional coloring supplies either, have them use scrap paper to make a collage art to give the mask a cool texture.

Printable Monkey Mask Template

Silly Monkey Coloring Page

Coloring Page Silly Monkey

This silly monkey coloring page is no monkey business. It is fun to color and is perfect for a quiet time.

The design is simple enough for the youngest ones to color in and fun enough for the older kids to enjoy too (and they can add some of their own backgrounds such as tree leaves)..

The animal coloring page is also great for fine motor skills practice.

Silly Monkey Coloring Page for Kids