Bear Paper Finger Puppet Template

Bear Paper Finger Puppet

How about coloring and assembling your own Bear Paper Finger Puppet Template? It sure sounds fun!

The craft is easy to make and appropriate for kids of all ages!

Bear Paper Finger Puppet

The set includes three printable templates to choose from.

The first one is a tracing template that requires no coloring supplies.

Choose the printer-friendly version if you want to color your bear.

Or have fun assembling the pre-colored version you only need to cut out.

Enjoy crafting your new forest animal.

Bear Paper Finger Puppet Template

Printable Valentines Day Bear

Make a neat present for your loved ones by coloring and assembling our Printable Valentines’s Day Bear.

It’s super easy to make and appropriate for kids of all ages.

Printable V-Day Bear

The set includes a printer-friendly and a full-colored version. The 3D heart doesn’t just look super cool, but can also hold a few sweets in it.

Use a heavier print paper to make it sturdier.

Cut out the heart fold the flaps and glue it onto the bear template – it’s that easy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Printable Valentines Day Bear

Bear Coloring Pages

Get your coloring supplies for we got a cute set of Bear Coloring Pages for your students to color.

The set is fun, easy to color, and suitable for younger and older kids.

Bear Coloring Sheets

There are 30 different bear designs in this set. Kids can color the bears however they want, using crayons, markers, or any other coloring supplies.

They will be great for the Fall season when learning about forest animals.

Bear Coloring Pages

Bear Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Bear

Get ready to learn How to Draw a Bear with our step-by-step tutorial.

It’s super easy to follow and perfect to use while learning about forest animals.

Bear Guided Drawing Printable

The drawing guide includes 2 different pages – the first template has the tutorial on the upper half of the page, so kids can draw their bear on the same paper.

The second page has a bigger step-by-step guide, where kids need extra paper for drawing.

Enjoy and greet the fall by learning how to draw your own bear.


How to Draw a Bear Step by Step Tutorial

Printable Polar Bear Mask Template

Exploring and learning about polar animals? While penguins and polar bears don’t live together there is nothing wrong if kids pretend play for them to be friends.

This polar bear mask is a nice addition to your arctic and antarctic animals study (also grab the penguin mask from our library). Best printed on heavier print paper / cardstock.

Printable Polar Bear Mask Template


Printable Bear Mask Template

This printable bear mask comes in black and white as a pre-colored mask. It’s a fun one for all bear loves and is great to place into your dramatic corner.

Use it to learn all there is to learn about bears or have your kids or students put up a play – this one can be used to play out many different fairy tales and stories.