Build a Puppet Bugs Craft

Build a Puppet Bug Craft Template

Encouraging dramatic play is easy peasy with this fun Build a Puppet Bugs craft. Print out these bug puppet templates and have your kids make their very own hand puppets to play with.

Flutter with butterflies, buzz with bees, and scurry with ladybugs!

Build a Puppet Bug Craft Template

The whole set includes three different bug crafts – choose your bug: bee, butterfly, or ladybug – or just have the kids make them all.

All of the bugs come in black and white as well as a pre-colored version that’s ready to go. Simple to follow instructions are included on each of the templates, making this one perfect for crafting at home or in the classroom.

Once assembled, all there’s left to do is for the kids to slip their hands into the puppet and let their imagination soar.

Whether hosting a puppet show, creating bug-themed stories, or simply enjoying creative playtime, these hand puppets will bring endless fun.

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Build a Puppet Bug Craft

Bug Hand Puppets Templates

Bug Hand Puppets

We’re sharing some cute bug hand puppet templates where the wonders of spring come to life through imaginative play!

The set includes bee, spider, beetle, butterfly, and ladybug puppets, each available in three sizes for added versatility and creativity.

Bug Hand Puppets

This set has two versions –  black and white and full-colored templates.

These bug crafts are not only perfect for celebrating spring but also provide endless opportunities for imaginative play and exploration.

Whether your kids are buzzing around the garden or exploring the great outdoors, these bug hand puppets will bring joy and laughter to their springtime adventures.

Let their creativity soar as they color, cut, and assemble these adorable bugs, making them the perfect addition to their spring crafts collection.

We recommend printing the bug hand puppets onto thicker paper to make them last longer.

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Flower Bee Paper Card Template

Greet the spring season by coloring a neat Flower Bee Paper Card Template.

It’s easy to assemble, plus you can write your message inside of it. We’re sure kids will love their wobbling bees.

Flower Bee Paper Card

This set includes three pages – a printer-friendly one and two pre-colored versions (a pink and a green flower).

The craft will come super handy for spring or Mother’s Day, as the flower can open and has space for writing something nice inside of it.

Have fun coloring and crafting your bee flower card.

Basic Bee Anatomy Printable Worksheets

These basic bee anatomy worksheets will be a great learning material for spring. Kids will learn about bees’ body parts in a fun and creative way by gluing and pasting labels.

Basic Bee Anatomy Worksheets

The set comes in a printer-friendly and pre-colored version and is great for kids in kindergarten. Students will get to know five essential body parts of a bee: wing, eye, sting, and body.

The honey bee body parts worksheets will also be a great addition to the insects or bugs unit in the classroom, home, or outdoors.

Basic Bee Anatomy Worksheets for Kindergarten


Bees and Beehive Craft Template

Bee Craft

Bees are hard workers, but we promise you there is nothing that is hard to make with this bee and hive craft.

Print out the template and make a wonderful beehive with bees flying around.

Bee Craft

This idea makes a great spring craft, as well as a bug craft to add to your bugs lessons.

It is easy to make. Print out the template. You can print the first page on yellow paper or have the kids color it in. Have the kids color the parts of the template. Cut out the pieces.

Use blue (or any other color) paper as the background for this craft. Start by sticking the tree branch and leaves on the paper. Add the beehive and finish up with the bees.

Bees and Beehive Craft Template


Honeycomb and Bees Craft Template

Learn about the bees with this wonderful honeycomb and bees craft. Print out the template, assemble the bees and make the most wonderful honeycomb.

You can print the honeycomb pattern on the yellow paper or let the kids paint it as they see fit. We love how watercolors work out on this particular project but there are no limits as to what coloring supplies to use.

This is a great spring craft too or to finish up a bugs or bee study unit.

Honeycomb and Bees Craft

Paper Bee Craft Template

Make a little busy bee! This bug craft template can be used either as a stencil – cut out the craft parts and trace them onto construction paper in required colors or as is.

Prin the template, have the kids color in all the parts and assemble the little bee. Perfect spring craft.

Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids

Printable Bee Mask Template

Turn your class into busy little bees! This printable bee mask (or bumblebee mask) will be a fun addition to your bug theme or spring theme (grab our other bug masks too).

The mask come as a pre colored and as a black and white bee mask template that kids can coloring in by themselves.

Perfect addition to your dramatic corner in spring time.

Printable Bee Mask Template

Silly Bee Coloring Pages

Silly Bee Coloring Pages
In this set of silly bumblebee and bee coloring pages, you will find four different bug designs. Even though these are the “silly” ones, the bees as well as other bugs in this coloring pages set aren’t silly at all as they play an important role in our ecosystem. So print out these bug coloring pages and also teach your kids or students about the importance of these busy workers.
The 4 designs included can all be bees or bumblebees and you can even pass some as wasps or hornets.
Printable Silly Bee Coloring Pages