Write the Beginning Sounds Worksheets

This set of beginning sounds worksheets will come in handy when working on phonetic fluency with your students.
These worksheets will help your kids practice writing beginning letters and recognizing beginning sounds.
The set includes 5 beginning sound worksheets – you can choose between a printer-friendly black and white sheets or a color version.
Your preschoolers and kindergartners need to look at the images, identify them and say their names out loud, then write the beginning sound for each word into the space provided.
These write the beginning sound worksheets are also a great reading practice after they’re finished. If you choose the black and white version, kids can work on their fine motor skills by coloring all of the images.
Write the Beginning Sounds Worksheets for Kindergarten

Alphabet Activity Book

Alphabet activity book

This alphabet busy book is great for young learners who are just learning their ABC’s and beginning sounds.

On each of the beginning sounds quiet book pages there are 4 parts (2 on the last page), each part with a silhouette of an object that your students or kids need to match (match the silhouette of an apple with an apple), a written word of the object with the beginning sound marked with red (apple for A) and a rectangle where the capital letter (beginning sound) of the picture goes.

Laminate this resource for maximum durability and attach Velcro dots of the pages and pieces for best learning play.

Printable Alphabet Quiet Book

Valentines Day Beginning Sounds File Folder Game

Beginning Sounds File Folder Game

Match up all the images to the letters with our conversation hearts Valentines Day Beginning Sounds File Folder Game.

If working in a group, this can be a silent activity, however the game is played best if the kids can say the words (the objects and animals on the little images) out loud. As they identify the beginning letter of the image, have them place the conversation heart on top of the letter.

Laminate the game for maximum durability.

Valentines Day Beginning Sounds File Folder Game