Christmas Bingo Game

Get ready to add a dash of holiday cheer to your gatherings with our specially crafted Christmas-themed Bingo cards. Perfect for family gatherings, office parties, or classroom festivities, these cards bring a whole new level of joy to the classic game of Bingo.

Key Features:

  1. 26 Unique Christmas Bingo Cards: Say goodbye to traditional numbers and hello to Christmas magic! Each of the 26 Bingo cards features delightful holiday images, capturing the spirit of the season. From jolly Santas and twinkling ornaments to cozy mittens and festive wreaths, our cards are a visual delight for players of all ages.
  2. Full Color and Black & White Options: Whether you prefer the vibrancy of full-color printing or the charm of black and white, we’ve got you covered. Choose the style that suits your printing preferences and brings your Christmas Bingo game to life.
  3. 2 Cards per Sheet: Designed for convenience, each printable sheet contains two Bingo cards. This layout not only saves paper but also ensures that you have enough cards for a larger group of players without compromising on quality.

How to Get Yours:

Simply log in to your account or treat yourself to a membership for exclusive access to all our printables collection. Once you have your hands on these Bingo cards, you’re all set to host a festive and fun-filled event that will be the talk of the season.

Make your holiday gatherings merry and bright with our Printable Christmas Bingo Cards – a delightful blend of tradition and merriment that brings people together for joyous moments.


Ice Cream Dot Marker Activity

Learn basic colors by playing a BINGO game. Print out the ice cream dot marker activity and stack those ice cream cones.

Printable Ice Cream Dot Marker Activity

The set includes the following color cards: orange, blue, black, brown, purple, pink, yellow, red, white, green, and gray. Playing this color BINGO is a great way to strengthen color recognition skills.

Cut out the color cards and place them in a pile. To start playing the game, pick one card at a time. Use a bingo marker to dot that color on the ice cream stack.

Write the color word beside it and continue until you’ve built the entire cone.

We recommend laminating the color cards to make the game last longer.

Ice Cream Dot Marker Activity

2D and 3D Shapes BINGO Black and White Game Cards

2D and 3D Shapes BINGO - Black and White 3x3

If you need a fun activity for revision of 2D and 3D shapes, print out these 2D and 3D Shapes Bingo game cards.

These cards come in black and white (we also have a colored version) so you can either laminate these and have the kids use dry erase markers to play the game, or use them as they are with do a dot markers.

There are 30 BINGO game cards in this set, so that’s more than enough to use in the classroom (over and over again). Calling cards are also included.

2D and 3D Shapes BINGO Black and White 3x3

2D in 3D Shapes BINGO Color Game Cards

2D in 3D Shapes BINGO Colored

Review both 2D and 3D shapes with this fun 2D in 3D Shapes BINGO game.

Print out the game cards – there are 30 of them so plenty to use in the classroom, laminate them and let the fun begin. Calling cards are also included.

If you laminate them you can have the kids use dry erase markers or have them place tokens (or the ever popular erasers) on the game cards as the shapes are called.

2D in 3D Shapes BINGO Colored - 5x5

2D Shapes Bingo Cards

Shapes BINGO - Black and White

Play a game of Bingo and learn about shapes. This set of 2D shapes bingo cards is great to use for shape review. Playing a game of bingo is a fun way to get your students on top of their shapes.

These are created in black and white to save on printer ink, two bingo cards per sheet. We recommend you laminate the cards and have the students use dry erase markers as the game is played. Calling cards included too.

Don’t forget to set the rules when you start the game – you can have only the horizontal lines count, or you can add diagonal and vertical ones to count too.

Shapes BINGO- Black and White

2D Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards

Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards - a fun game of bingo to work on shapes and colors

Play a fun game of BINGO and review shapes and colors. These 2D Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards are perfect to use in the classroom, and with 30 different bingo cards the whole class will be able to partake.

These bingo cards print to per sheet and we do recommend you laminate them for continued use (and to use with dry erase markers or tokens).

2D shapes and colors bingo cards - fun bingo game to review shapes