Birds Matching File Folder Game

Can you match up all the birds? In this birds matching file folder game, kids need to find the bottom half of the birds and make them whole.

12 fun characters to put together: a wise owl, a silly kingfisher, a big parrot, a colorful hummingbird, a majestic toucan, a baby chick, a strong hen, a female chicken, a fast running ostrich, an Antarctic penguin, a smiling turkey, and a goose waving with its wing.

The fun learning set is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners too. The matching game will entertain them for quite some time.

To set up the game, print all 3 pages.

Set the first two aside and cut the 12 rectangles with the bottom parts of the birds’ bodies. Laminate the bottom parts of birds’ bodies and attach Velcro on the back. Laminate the sheets with top parts of birds’ bodies. Attach velcro inside the dashed line rectangles. Find the parts to make the birds’ bodies whole.

Birds File Folder Game

Bird Movable Paper Doll Template

You can make this bird movable paper doll template as colorful as you want – so many little spaces to color and so easy to make.

To make this paper doll bird craft, print out the template (the black and white one to color in or the full color one) – best paper to use is heavier print paper or construction paper. You could also use regular paper and laminate the doll.

Punch holes where needed (as designated by spots). Push split pins (paper fasteners or bras that you can purchase in office supply stores, craft stores or similar). Push split pins through the designated holes and secure the wings. String thread through designated holes and tie. Pull threads to make your bird flap it’s wings.

Bird Movable Paper Doll Template

Printable Peacock Mask Template

Show off your beautiful feathers with this printable peacock mask! We love animal masks (and we have quite a few bird masks too) – peacocks are one of the more colorful and fun ones.

This mask comes both as a precolored mask as well as a coloring page mask that kids can decorate by themselves.

Printable Peacock Mask Template

Birds Clothespin Puppets

Birds Clothespin Puppets

Learning about birds just became way more fun with this set of birds clothespin puppets.

These are a fun low prep activity for kids – you just print the sheets and give them the clothespins, glue and scissors (and coloring supplies for black and white version) and they will start making their puppets right away. They are quick to make so they are great as a classroom project too.

4 bird designs are included and all of them come in both full color as well as black and white version.

Printable Birds Clothespin Puppets

Silly Birds Coloring Pages

Silly birds coloring pages pack is a set of 4 different bird designs that will get your kid’s attention right away.

In this set of bird coloring pages you will find a woodpecker coloring page, a parrot coloring page as well as a hummingbird and a toucan that are just waiting to be colored.

These animal coloring pages are designed for all ages – with it’s thick lines and large spaces to color they are easy enough for the youngest kids to color. Older kids on the other hand will be able to unleash their creativity and fill in the backgrounds with their own drawings.

Silly Birds - Coloring Pages