Cake Coloring Pages

Printable Cake Coloring Sheets

We have a festive collection of 30 Cake Coloring Pages for kids of all ages!

Get ready to indulge in a world of sweet treats and creative coloring adventures.

Printable Cake Coloring Sheets

The set includes 30 Cake Coloring Sheets that feature unique cake designs.

Our collection has everything from birthday to wedding cakes and everything in between.

Whether your kids are in the mood for a slice of cake with creamy swirls, a cake adorned with fresh fruits, or a whimsical cartoon-inspired creation, we’ve got you covered.

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Printable Cake Coloring Pages

3D Birthday Cake Card Template

How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card Template

This 3D Birthday Cake Card Template will help your kids make a fantastic gift for any birthday celebration!

How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card Template

The set includes three different templates.

Choose a tracing template to trace the cake parts on colored paper. You can print the bigger or the smaller version.

Kids can create a giant 3D cake using the bigger version in a letter or A4 format.

If you want to make a foldable card, we recommend using the smaller version. Fold the background paper (letter or A4 format) in half so you’ll create a card, and use a smaller tracing version.

The set has two more templates – bigger and smaller printer-friendly + full-colored versions.

With a few simple folds and a touch of imagination, your kids will craft a card that’s a thoughtful gesture and a pretty work of art.

So, let’s get started; log into your account or become our member to create this 3D craft and many more!

How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card