Cake Coloring Pages

Printable Cake Coloring Sheets

We have a festive collection of 30 Cake Coloring Pages for kids of all ages!

Get ready to indulge in a world of sweet treats and creative coloring adventures.

Printable Cake Coloring Sheets

The set includes 30 Cake Coloring Sheets that feature unique cake designs.

Our collection has everything from birthday to wedding cakes and everything in between.

Whether your kids are in the mood for a slice of cake with creamy swirls, a cake adorned with fresh fruits, or a whimsical cartoon-inspired creation, we’ve got you covered.

You can access the full range of our cake coloring pages and other fun content as a member!

Printable Cake Coloring Pages

Cake Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Cake

Have fun learning how to draw a cake in only nine steps with our directed drawing tutorial.

It’s super easy to follow and perfect for birthday parties.

Cake Guided Drawing Printable

There are two printable drawing tutorials in the set.

One includes free space for drawing, and the other has a more extensive tutorial throughout the whole page, so your students will need another piece of paper to draw their cake.

You can use them at birthday parties or whenever you want to have your kids learn how to draw this easy cake.

How to Draw a Cake Step by Step Tutorial