Fix the Sentences Capitalization Worksheets

Fix the sentence worksheets are a great way to test your student’s knowledge. The focus of these is to see if your kids can correctly capitalize a sentence. The sentences are written without any capital letters and the students are asked to rewrite them correctly.

Most sentences only require the kids to fix the capitalization at the beginning of a sentence, however there are a few that also have capitalization (names) in other parts of the sentence.

2 dog themed writing worksheets included.

Fix the Sentences Capitalization Worksheets

Find the Correct Sentence Capitalization Worksheets

A sentence always begins with a capital letter, but that is not the only place you will find a capital letter in a sentence. Names of people, places and planets (amongst other things) are also written with capital letter.

These mark the sentence with correct capitalization worksheets have 5 sentences, each written in two ways. Have the students read the sentences and find (and mark) the correctly capitalized one.

3 worksheets included with easy to read sentences that are suitable for late kindergarten or grade 1.

Capitalization Worksheets - beginning, names, places

Mark the Correct Sentence Capitalization Worksheets

Which words should be capitalized? Every sentence begins with a capital letter – the capital letter at the beggining of the sentence is the easiest to learn. This simple capitalization worksheets focus on capitalizing sentence beginnings. Each sentence is written twice, once with correct capitalization and once with the incorrect capitalization and your students will have to mark the sentence either with a check mark or with a cross.

This set of worksheets is geared towards late kindergarten and early grade 1. Simple age appropriate vocabulary is used.

3 worksheets included.

Mark the Correct Sentence Capitalization Worksheets