Christmas Pre-K and K Activities

Do your kids need to work on numbers and essential math skills? No worries, we got a printable Christmas Pre-K, and K Activities set to help them out.

This set includes four pages of activities.

On the first page, kids will need to recognize numbers from 1 to 4 and color by number the lights on the Christmas tree.

The second page is all about counting objects – students need to count the same images, then write how many there are. They’ll be counting Christmas hats, Gingerbread Men, candy canes, Xmas tree ornaments, Christmas tree lights, and trees.

Continue to the fourth page, where children will make patterns out of four different Gingerbread Men. Cut out the 16 images, and have them make different patterns. This activity will improve their pattern recognition skills.

And on the last page, there are four different present shapes kids need to recognize and connect them with their words with a line. After they finish, they can trace the words and the shapes with a marker.

Christmas Pre-K and K Activities

Christmas Counting 1-12 Worksheets

Let’s have fun counting numbers with Christmas Counting 1-12 Worksheets.

This set will come in handy for kindergartners and all kids who need to review their counting.

Christmas Numbers 1-12 Worksheets

The set includes four printable pages.

Students will be tracing number words and counting and coloring different objects on the first two pages.

The second and third page has colorful Christmas trees with ornaments on them. Children will count the number of decorations and color the circle with the correct number below each tree.

Have fun counting, and merry Christmas.

Printable Christmas Numbers 1-12 Worksheets

Christmas Letter Recognition Worksheets

Improve your ABCs by solving these Christmas Letter Recognition Worksheets.

They are fun, easy to solve, and perfect for pre-K and kindergartners.

Printable Christmas Letter Recognition Worksheets

The set includes four letter-recognition worksheets.

Kids will focus on lower and uppercase letters on the first two pages by finding the missing letters and writing them down.

The second half of the worksheet set encourages kids to write the letters – they will be tracing the whole alphabet of upper and lower case letters.

Christmas Letter Recognition Worksheets

Christmas Drawing Cards

Have fun for the holidays and print out these Christmas Drawing Cards.

They are suitable for preschool and kindergarten kids, and you can use them as a memory game by flipping them upside-down.

Christmas Drawing Cards

The symmetry activity set includes a printer-friendly and a full-colored version of 16 cards.

Kids can color their black and white cards with their best markers, then find the pairs, and draw the missing halves onto the cards.

These drawing cards will improve your kids’ symmetry skills and keep them busy for a while.

You can laminate the finished cards for longer use.

Printable Christmas Drawing Cards