Christmas Cones Craft Templates

Christmas Cones Craft Templates

Ready for some fun and easy crafts? We’re sharing our Christmas cones craft templates – they are the perfect festive activity for kids to spread holiday cheer!

Christmas Cones Craft Templates

This set comes in two versions, offering endless possibilities for festive fun: choose among a black and white edition for a personalized touch and the vibrant full-colored version for instant festive crafting.

You’ll find two sizes of cone templates in the set that kids can quickly assemble, creating cute Christmas characters.

There are 8 different characters in the set. From the iconic Santa Claus and his trusty reindeer to the jolly snowman, cute polar bear, playful penguin, mischievous elf, festive Christmas tree, and lovely Mrs. Santa.

These Christmas cones can be used in various ways – kids can transform them into table decorations, make beautiful additions to festive displays around the house, spread joy in every corner, or make personalized gifts for friends and family.

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Printable Christmas Cones Craft Templates

Paper Christmas Tree Craft Template

Paper Christmas Tree Craft Template

We’re sharing a perfect DIY project to infuse your holiday season with creativity – print out our paper Christmas tree craft template!

This craft provides everything for kids to make their own festive Christmas tree, adding a personalized touch with decorations.

Paper Christmas Tree Craft Template

Our template has a single printable page designed for tracing – kids can easily trace the tree parts onto colored paper.

We understand the importance of clear guidance – that’s why our template includes a page with detailed graphic instructions, making it easy for children of all skill levels to follow along and create their stunning Christmas tree.

Here are some ideas on how kids can decorate the Christmas tree:

  • glue on colorful pom-poms to mimic ornaments
  • create a winter scenery by gluing on cotton balls as fluffy snow
  • twist red and white pipe cleaners together to make candy cane shapes and glue them on

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Christmas Tree Outline Templates

Christmas Tree Outline Templates

Create beautiful art with the help of our Christmas tree outline templates!

There are endless possibilities for using them, from crafting stunning silhouette art to coloring and drawing – the choice is in your kids’s hands!

Christmas Tree Outline Templates

The set includes eight Christmas tree designs in silhouette (black) and outlined versions.

Choose more giant templates or smaller ones – depending on your desired project.

Kids can transform them into Christmas tree ornaments, paper cards, or acrylic art. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a simple and fun project for kids: They can start by coloring the tree, then cut out a star from yellow paper and attach it to the top. Next, let them draw a cheerful smile on the Christmas tree and decorate its edges with colorful pom-poms using glue.

Have fun creating different art with the Xmas tree outline templates!

Printable Christmas Tree Outline Templates

DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree Template

Grab your Xmas Papers, and make a beautiful table decoration in no time.

It’s super easy to make with the help of our DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree Template.

DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree

The set includes one tracing page and instructions on how to assemble your Christmas craft.

You can use any of the papers that have Xmas-themed motives on them or even other color papers.

We bet your trees will look amazing!

Assembling is fun and easy. All you need is some essential tools, such as Christmas-themed papers, scissors, glue, a wooden stick, color paper, and a paper roll.

Merry Christmas!

DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree Template