Deer Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Deer

Have some fun while talking about forest animals and learn how to draw with our Deer Directed Drawing tutorial.

Kids will love to follow the step-by-step instructions.

Deer Guided Drawing Printable

The set includes 2 tutorials – one comes on a paper where kids have half of the page for their drawing. The second tutorial is a bit bigger and takes over the whole page, so kids need an extra piece of paper to draw on.

This guided tutorial comes in handy for Fall or any other time of the year. Have fun!

How to Draw a Deer Step by Step Tutorial

Printable Reindeer Mask Template

Reindeer Mask

While we do praise Santa for all the gifts, fact is if there weren’t for the reindeer there would be no gifts under the Christmas tree. Santa wouldn’t be able to go all around the globe to deliver all those gifts.

This printable reindeer mask will complete your Christmas look, it’s a fun Christmas mask that can be used in the classroom or at home.

It comes as a pre-colored Rudolph the reindeer mask as well as a black and white mask for coloring which kids can decorate however they like.

Printable Reindeer Mask Template

Printable Deer Mask Template

This printable deer mask comes both as a pre-colred mask and a black and white mask for kids to color in by themselves.

The mask is great to use during fall forest animals study (along with our other forest animals masks) or around Christmas to help Rudolph pull the sleigh.

Best printed on cardstock.

Printable Deer Mask Template