Farm Animals Craft Template

Have a kid who loves farm animals? Want to offer them a craft that has a focus on scissor skills and fine motor skills? These farm animal craft templates are just the thing.

Dive into the exciting world of paper animal crafts with our farm animals craft template set!

Printable Farm Animals Craft Template

With nine adorable templates, including bunny, pig, sheep, cow, donkey, horse, goat, cat, and dog, the creative possibilities are endless!

Ideas on how to use these cute farm animal templates:

  • create yarn-wrapped crafts – trace the arch on cardboard and have kids wrap the farm animal bodies with colorful yarn
  • make textured collages – provide children with various crafting materials such as tissue paper, feathers, buttons, and googly eyes, and have them decorate them
  • create farm animal mobile – string them on a line and hang them

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Farm Animals Craft Template

Donkey Movable Paper Doll Template

Get ready to add another farm animal to your crafting projects. Print out the donkey movable paper doll template – it’s fun and easy to assemble.

Kids can color the donkey with their coloring supplies, or you can choose to print out the full-color version.

We recommend printing the template on a heavier print paper or construction paper to make the fun last longer. Laminating the paper parts of the paper doll will make the donkey sturdier.

Donkey Paper Doll

Cut out the parts, and punch out holes designated by spots. Use paper fasteners (split pins or bras) to attach and secure the legs by pushing them through the holes. Take a thread and string in through the remaining two holes, then tie.

Your movable craft is ready. Pull the threads and enjoy playing with your running donkey.

Donkey Movable Paper Doll Template

Horse Movable Paper Doll Template

Run or jump like a horse with our horse movable paper doll template. The craft is fun and easy to assemble and requires only a few materials.

Horse Paper Doll

The set includes a black and white version and three pre-colored pages. Make your movable paper horse craft, print out the preferred template on heavier print paper, or use construction paper to make it last longer. You can also laminate the pieces of the doll.

Each page comes with instructions on how to assemble your horse craft. Punch out the holes where needed (marked as black and white dots). Use split pins (paper fasteners) and push them through (through the white marked dots you’ve punched out). String a thread through the remaining two holes and tie.

You can also glue the crafts stick to the back of your movable horse doll to hold it effortless.

Now pull the threads, and your horse will move its legs and jump around.

Horse Movable Paper Doll Template

Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets

This delightful Printable Farm Finger Puppets for Kids will unleash the imagination of your little ones! This charming set includes 10 different animals that are both fun to make and play with.

With both pre-colored and black-and-white versions, these finger puppets offer a world of possibilities. Let your little ones enjoy the vibrant pre-colored puppets or unleash their imagination by having them color their own unique designs on the black-and-white ones.

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Our Printable Farm Finger Puppets are not only entertaining but also educational. They encourage storytelling, imaginative play, and fine motor skill development. Your kids will love bringing their favorite farm animals to life with these adorable puppets.

Whether it’s a rainy day indoors or a fun-filled playdate with friends, these finger puppets will keep your children engaged and entertained for hours. Watch as their creativity and storytelling abilities flourish while they embark on countless farmyard adventures.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to spark your child’s imagination and make playtime even more enjoyable.

Cow Movable Paper Doll Template

Make your own farm animals puppet starting with our cow movable paper doll template. The craft is easy to assemble and fun to play.

Cow Paper Doll

To make this paper doll, download and print out the template. To make the movable cow last longer, use heavier print paper or construction paper. You can choose between a printer-friendly version that kids can color or a full-color one.

After you color the template, cut out the body and legs, then punch out the holes (as designated by spots). Push paper fasteners (split pins) through the holes to secure the legs. Use a thread and string it through the other two holes and tie.

Your movable cow project is ready. Pull the threads and your paper cow will move its legs.

Cow Movable Paper Doll Template

Farm Animals Matching File Folder Game

Can you match up all the farm animals? In this farm animals match file folder game kids need to find the bottom halves of the farm animals and make them whole.

12 fun characters to put together: a majestic rooster, a happy horse, a cute little bunny, a smiling pig, a strong bull, a jumping goat, an adorable brown chicken, a goose waving with its wing, a silly sheep, a gentle cow, a happy donkey, and a baby chick.

An educating game that is suitable for toddlers, pre-K and kindergarten kids who love farm animals.

To set up the game, print all 3 pages.

Set the first two aside and cut the 12 rectangles with the bottom parts of the farm animals bodies. Laminate the bottom parts of farm animals bodies and attach velcro on the back. Laminate the sheets with top parts of the farm animals bodies. Attach velcro inside the dashed line rectangles. Find the pairs to make the farm animals bodies whole.

Silly Farm Animals Coloring Pages

Create a calming atmosphere in your home or in the classroom by offering these silly farm animals coloring pages to the kids to color.

The collection includes 10 different coloring page designs and is perfect for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

There is a rooster, a bull, a duck, a pig, a horse, a sheep, a goat, a donkey, a cow, and a chicken to color.

Because of their fun and slightly silly design these animal coloring pages are great for older kids too, and they can even add their own backgrounds.

Silly Farm Animals Coloring Pages

Printable Rabbit Mask Template

Hop around just like a real bunny rabbit with this fun printable mask. This mask can be a part of both your forest animals masks set or farm animals masks set, or even an Easter mask.

Pre colored and black and white version that kids can decorate all by themselves included.

Print on heavier print paper / cardstock cut around the mask, cut holes for eyes and punch two tiny holes for string (or stick on a craft stick).

Printable Rabbit Mask Template

Printable Mouse Mask Template

This sweet mask can either be a mouse mask or it can also be used as a rat mask, either way your kids or students will have a lot of fun playing with this one.

Print the mask on heavier print paper / cardstock and let the fun begin. You can print the black and white mask and have the kids decorate their mask however they see fit or choose the pre colored one that’s ready to go.

Printable Mouse Mask Template

Printable Pig Mask Template

Pig Printable Mask

One of the coolest animals (and smartest) you can find on a farm is a pig! With this mask your kids or students can pretend play that they are little pigs – they can put up a show for the parents or just have fun by themselves.

2 pig masks included – one in black and white for kids to color by themselves (why not add some mud to the mix) and one that is pre-colored.

Works best when printed on cardstock / heavier print paper.

Printable Pig Mask Template

Printable Horse Mask Template

Horse Mask

This fun horse mask can be used in so many ways. Print the black and white one and let the kids decorate their own horse or use the pre colored one and the fun can begin right away.

These can be used at story time, for pretend play, you can have kids race each other to see which horse is the fastest…

Printable Horse Mask Template

Printable Goat Mask Template

Goats are one of the more fun animals you can find on a farm, they are fun looking and do all kinds of fun stuff. Running around and jumping like a goat is a sure way to get rid of all that excess energy.

Print the masks – either the black and white one or the pre-colored one and let the fun begin.

Printable Goat Mask Template

Printable Duck Mask Template

This duck mask can be used as a duck or as a baby chick. Super sweet and fun to play with.

Print on heavier print paper / cardstock – use our black and white mask and have the kids color it in by themselves or print the already colored mask and have the kids play with it straight away.

Printable Donkey Mask Template

Donkey Mask

Long ears and a big grin – it’s the donkey mask. This farm animals mask comes in black and white for kids to color as well as pre colored version that’s ready to play.

Best printed on heavier print paper.

Printable Donkey Mask Template

Printable Cow Mask Template

Cow Mask

Cows have the most wonderful eyes, so let your kids eyes shine through this mask.

This set of cow masks comes in both black and white for kids to color as well as a cow mask that is already colored in – so just print it and it’s ready to play.

Combine it with our other farm animals masks and maximise the fun.

Printable Cow Mask Template

Printable Chicken Mask Template

Chicken masks come in both black and white and full color versions. Combine this one with our other farm animals masks (and other masks) and put on a show with your students or kids.

Printable Chicken Mask Template

Printable Bull Mask Template

Bull Mask

Cows are cool but so are bulls! Print out these bull mask templates (either in color or in black and white and let the kids color their bulls as they see fit) and let the pretend play begin.

Combine this one with any of our other printable masks (especially the farm animals masks) and multiply the fun.

These are great to use both in home or in the classroom.

Printable Bull Mask Template

Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets

These farm animal puppets will fit on any finger, as you can adjust the perimeter while creating the “body” of each of the animals (cut as much paper as is needed to go around the finger).

Puppets are great multi-sensory toys for play storytelling and help develop other important social skills too.