Moving Eyes Halloween Portraits

Halloween Monsters Moving Eyes Portraits

Decorate your home or your classroom with these fun moving eyes Halloween portraits, as you walk past them the eyes of the monsters will always follow you. How cool is that?

Halloween Monsters Moving Eyes Portraits

4 Halloween monsters are included, everyone spooky jet cute. Let your kids (or you) make a moving eye portrait of a vampire, witch, Frankenstein’s monster or a jack o lantern. Have the kids color in the monsters or have them use the pre-colored templates.

Such a fun Halloween craft to make.

Printable Halloween Puppets Templates

Halloween Puppets

These Printable Halloween Puppets Templates make the coolest Halloween craft of this season! They are incredibly easy to assemble and oh so fun to play around with.

In this set there are 3 Halloween monsters waiting to get chatty – a silly looking witch, a vampire waiting to take a bite at something bloody and the Frankenstein’s monster.

All templates come in both full color and a black and white version that kids can color in by themselves.

Print on cardstock or heavier print paper, cut out, fold along the dashed lines. Apply glue on areas designated for glue and optionally add accessories – hands for all puppets, ears and hat for the witch, bolt ears for Frankenstein’s monster and ears and fangs for the vampire.

Halloween Puppets Templates For Kids

Video tutorial:

Printable Frankenstein Mask Template

Frankenstein Mask

Who’s afraid of Frankenstein’s monster? With this printable mask your kids / students will be able to pretend play that they are Frankenstein’s monster! With the black and white coloring page mask they can even create their own Frankenstein’s monster – let them color it in however they see fit.

These printable Halloween masks are best printed on heavier print paper (they are great low prep Halloween craft for the classroom).

Printable Frankenstein Mask Template