Frog on a Lily Pad Craft Template

Jump into spring by coloring and assembling a Frog on a Lily Pad Craft Template.

The craft is great for pre-K and kindergartners – it is fun and easy to make.

Frog on a Lily Pad Craft

The set includes three printable templates.

The first is a tracing template where you’ll need some cardstock and colored papers to trace the pieces.

If you don’t want to use a tracing template, print out one of two other templates – a black and white one that kids can color or a full-colored version.

Have fun!

Frog on a Lily Pad Craft Template

Cute Paper Frog Template

Cute Paper Frog Template

Create a wonderful 3D amphibian on a lily pad with the help of our Cute Paper Frog Template.

It’s super fun and a perfect craft for Spring!

Cute Paper Frog Template

The set includes three printable templates.

Print out the first page, where you’ll get a tracing template to cut out. Trace the parts on colored paper and cardstock and create your frog.

If your kids love to color, choose the printer-friendly version.

We also have a full-colored paper frog template ready for printing if you’re prepared to craft it as soon as possible.

Cute Paper Frog

Paper Lantern Frog Template

Have fun for spring and assemble your own Paper Lantern Frog Template in no time.

We think kids will love how this amphibian wiggles around.

Paper Lantern Frog Template

The set includes two versions – a printer-friendly one and a full-colored template.

Assembling the paper lantern frog is easy – follow the instructions inside the set.

Kids can play with their paper frog by hanging it on a piece of yarn, mimic how it jumps, or leave their green buddy without it – the decision is all yours.

Have fun crafting!

Paper Lantern Frog

Frog 3D Coloring Page Craft Template

Have fun in a company of two amphibians sitting on a bench under their umbrella – print our Frog 3D Coloring Page Craft Template.

It’s super easy and fun!

Frog 3D Coloring Page Craft Template

the sent includes 2 versions – a black and white one, and pre-colored template kids can assemble.

Print out the set and see the instructions on how to glue the umbrella part onto the frog template.

This 3D coloring page will come in handy for spring or when learning about amphibians.


Frog 3D Coloring Page Craft

Frog Craft Made with Paper Strips Template

Get ready for spring crafting and print out the frog craft made with paper strips template. It is fun and super easy to assemble.

Frog Craft Made with Paper Strip

There are three pages in the set. You can print them out on colored paper or color them in your own way. The templates can be used for tracing the pieces on different color papers too.

Once you have all of the pieces cut out, follow the instruction provided within the template.

The craft is perfect for spring and kids will love coloring and assembling it.

Frog Craft Made with Paper Strip Template

Paper Frog Craft Template

Make a happy little frog! This frog craft template can be used either as a stencil with having the kids cut out the craft parts and trace them onto construction paper in required colors or as is, with kids coloring the template parts and asembling them.

Print the template, have the kids color in all the parts and assemble the little bee. Perfect spring craft.

Silly Frog Coloring Page

Learning about frogs and need some coloring material? This silly frog coloring page is great for your classroom or home as it is simple and fun to color.

This cute fellow is sitting on a water lily leaf and will come out great using vivid colors.

It is perfect for supplementing your amphibians or frog unit and can be great for early finishers or morning work too.

Keep those little hands busy and print it out.

Silly Frog Coloring Page

Printable Frog Mask Template

Put on this Printable Frog Mask Template and hop around just like a real frog would.

This animal mask can be used to open up a wonderful discussion about frogs. Have the kids wear it and talk about amazing frog facts or frog life cycle and so on. Where do frogs live? What are frog’s young ones called? What colors can frogs be? Have you seen a live frog? So many questions that can be asked.

The frog mask comes in full color as well as black and white coloring page mask template.

Printable Frog Mask Template

Vocabulary Frog Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Let your kids learn about all the different parts of the life cycle of a frog with these vocabulary frog life cycle coloring pages.

These trace and color frog life cycle worksheets focus on 5 stages of the cycle, each one one page. Eggs, tadpoles, tadpoles with legs, froglet and adult frog are included.

These come as full page coloring pages or as smaller, two per page coloring pages with words to trace.

Vocabulary Frog Life Cycle Coloring Pages

3D Life Cycle Of A Frog Craft

Our 3D frog life cycle craft will give your students a chance to explore the life cycle of this intriguing amphibian in 3D.

This frog craft is fairly simple to make, you can make it in one go or divide the craft into 4 crafting sessions, each focusing on one stage of the frog life cycle.

It comes both as a black and white template which your kids or students can color in or you can print the precolored craft template.

For this craft, we recommend using heavier print paper / cardstock.

3D Life Cycle of a Frog Craft - Paper Model Diorama

Frog Corner Bookmark Craft Template

Encourage reading or reward your kids or students with these adorable frog corner bookmarks. This is an easy no prep project, which makes it great to do in the classroom. They are really easy to make too, no complicated folding steps that kids might struggle with.

The frog craft corner bookmarks come both as a black and white version kids get to color in themselves (perfect for classroom) as well as a precolored spring craft template.

Print the template (regular print paper is fine), cut along the design outline. Cut along the full line (marked with scissors on the template). Fold along the dashed lines, “wrap the head around” and glue in place.

Printable Frog Corner Bookmarks Craft Template


Frog Puppet Printable

Crocodile Puppet printable template

Jump into fun with our printable frog puppet. This puppet is really easy to make (the simple instructions are included on the template) and all that you need is a paper to print the puppet on, scissors and glue.

The template comes in both full color as well as a black and white blank frog craft template that kids can color in all by themselves. A wonderful spring craft to welcome warmer months.

Crocodile Puppet printable template

Frog Clothespin Puppets

Frog Clothespin Puppets

Hop in to the fun time with these printable frog clothespin puppets.

These paper puppets are a great addition to story time or dramatic center. Kids love to play with them and they are great for working on fine motor skills.

These frog puppets come in both full color as well as black and white version the kids can color in by themselves. They are facing both right and left to make play even more fun.

We recommend printing these on heavier print paper (or even laminating them) to make them last longer.

Printable frog clothespin puppets

Silly Frog Coloring Pages

Silly Frog Coloring Pages

Hop into the coloring fun with this set of silly frog coloring pages. In this set you will find a collection of four different frogs and toads.

These animal coloring pages are perfect for younger and older kids as they can color in the wide and smaller areas. Older kids can also draw their own backgrounds to give these amphibians a nice environment to live in.

Time to grab all the coloring supplies and print these coloring pages.

Printable Silly Frog Coloring Pages