Ghost Coloring Pages

Printable Ghost Coloring Sheets

Choose among easy or more intricate designs in our ghost coloring pages, or have kids color them all.

This set will be great for Halloween!

Printable Ghost Coloring Sheets

There are 30 different ghost coloring sheets in this set.

The motives are sure to make your Halloween season even more memorable! From floating friendly ghosts and happy spooky dancers to more intricate ghostly scenes, they’re something for everyone.

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Printable Ghost Coloring Pages

Printable Halloween Treat Boxes Template

Have fun for holidays by coloring our Printable Halloween Treat Boxes Template made entirely out of paper.

The craft is super easy to make and will be great for putting different treats inside it for the spooky evening.

Printable Halloween Treat Boxes Template

This set has two different templates – a Halloween Ghost Treat Box and a Halloween Jack o’Lantern Treat Box.

The set includes a full-colored and printer-friendly version, so kids can color their ghosts and pumpkins in various ways to match their boxes.

Printable Halloween Treat Boxes

Ghost in a Pumpkin Craft Template

Want to make some spooky crafts this Halloween? Get ready to color and assemble a Ghost in a Pumpkin Craft Template.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft

It will be great for Halloween and kids will love the hidden ghost that shows after you open your Jack’O Lantern.

The set includes 2 pages – a printer-friendly and a full colored version. Assembling is easy, all you need is coloring supplies (if you choose a black and white template), scissors, glue, and a split pin.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft Template

Printable Ghost Mask Template

Why be a scary ghost if you can be a friendly one. This cute  Printable Ghost Mask Template will transform your little one into the most adorable little ghosts.

A fun Halloween mask for kids to play with.

Printable Ghost Paper Bracelet

Ghost Paper Bracelet

Throwing a Halloween classroom party or just want a fun little project to do with your kids at home. Print our ghost paper bracelet and make this easy craft.

This printable template comes in two sizes, so it’s suitable for many ages. Both color and black and white version available too.

Printable Ghost Paper Bracelet