Paper Roll Giraffe Template

Paper Roll Giraffe

We present a delightful Paper Roll Giraffe Template designed especially for kids.

What makes this craft even more remarkable is the use of wooden craft sticks for the giraffe’s legs, adding a touch of creativity and dimension to the final piece.

Paper Roll Giraffe

This craft offers two options: a tracing template for those who enjoy drawing and creating their giraffe and two versions ready to print, color, and assemble.

You can use the printer-friendly and full-color version without a paper roll.

We recommend using heavier print paper to assemble the giraffe.

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And remember, have fun!

Paper Roll Giraffe Template

Silly Giraffe – Coloring Page

Coloring Page Silly Giraffe

This large African animal is a super popular one amongst the young ones. The silly giraffe coloring page offers big spaces to color in which makes it great for all ages.

Did you know that each giraffe has a totally different fur pattern although they may look pretty similar?

This giraffe’s long neck and the body have quite some spaces to color in with different shades of brown, orange or any other crayon and older kids can even play around and add different patterns inside the spots.

Silly Giraffe Coloring Page

Printable Giraffe Mask Template

Giraffes have amazingly long necks and while our masks won’t give your kids necks like the giraffe has we are sure they will still have a ton of fun.

Print the mask on construction paper, or use regular print paper and glue the mask on heavier print paper (we suggest using old cereal boxes or similar). Cut holes for the eyes and punch the two tiny holes for the string. Add elastic or regular string.

Printable Giraffe Mask Template