Bug Hand Puppets Templates

Bug Hand Puppets

We’re sharing some cute bug hand puppet templates where the wonders of spring come to life through imaginative play!

The set includes bee, spider, beetle, butterfly, and ladybug puppets, each available in three sizes for added versatility and creativity.

Bug Hand Puppets

This set has two versions –  black and white and full-colored templates.

These bug crafts are not only perfect for celebrating spring but also provide endless opportunities for imaginative play and exploration.

Whether your kids are buzzing around the garden or exploring the great outdoors, these bug hand puppets will bring joy and laughter to their springtime adventures.

Let their creativity soar as they color, cut, and assemble these adorable bugs, making them the perfect addition to their spring crafts collection.

We recommend printing the bug hand puppets onto thicker paper to make them last longer.

You can download your PDF bug puppets templates by logging into your account or becoming a member to gain access to all the printables we create and add weekly.

Ladybug Coloring Pages

Ladybug Coloring Sheets

We’re happy to present our 30 Ladybug Coloring Pages for kids of all ages.

From sleepy ladybugs in flower blooms to ladybugs flying through the sky, each page is designed to spark the imagination and creativity of children.

Ladybug Coloring Sheets

There are 30 different Ladybird Coloring Sheets in the set.

If your kids want to experiment with bold colors or add intricate details to the ladybugs’ wings, these sheets won’t disappoint them.

They can use any color and their favorite coloring tools to bring these delightful ladybugs to life.

Later, you can display their masterpieces on walls or share them with friends and family.

Ladybug Coloring Pages

Ladybug Paper Toy Template

We love spring and all the new crafts that go with it!

Get ready to make an adorable bug with our Ladybug Paper Toy Template. Assembling is super fun and easy!

Ladybug Paper Toy

This set includes four pages with a black and white and a pre-colored version.

You will need our template, scissors, glue, and coloring supplies if your kids want to color their ladybug on their own.

Use it as a table decoration or a gift – the decision is all yours.

You can also put a tiny surprise into the ladybug box if you want.

Have fun!

Ladybug Paper Toy Template

Ladybug Shape Matching Activity

Learn basic shapes with a help of this ladybug shape matching activity. It’s perfect for spring, easy to assemble, and great for kindergartners.

Ladybug Shape Matching

The set includes two pages with a ladybug on the first page and seven shapes on the second one. Cut out all the shapes: a square, a rectangle, a triangle, a diamond, a circle, an ellipse, and a trapezoid.

Your ladybug shape matching activity is ready. To make it last longer, laminate the first page and the pieces.

Place the black shapes onto the accurate positions on a ladybug.

Ladybug Shape Matching Activity

3D Paper Ladybug Craft Template

Have fun with your kids by coloring and assembling our 3D Paper Ladybug Craft Template.

The ladybug has movable wings, is super easy to assemble, and is perfect for spring.

3D Paper Ladybug Craft

The set includes 2 templates – a black and white one and a pre-colored version.

Kids can color the ladybugs with their favorite coloring supplies. We bet they’ll love it!

3D Paper Ladybug Craft Template

Ladybug Paper Craft Template

Celebrate spring season by coloring and assembling a Ladybug Paper Craft Template.

Kids will be creating their flower in a pot and the wobbling ladybug on it.

Ladybug Paper Craft

The set includes a printer-friendly and a full-colored version.

This project is perfect for springtime – you can use it as a decoration at home, by gluing it onto the wall, or using it as a gift to someone you love.

There are only a few materials needed to make your ladybug paper craft. Follow the instructions provided on the last page to assemble it.

Happy Spring!

Ladybug Paper Craft Template