Hidden Letter D Worksheets

Grab your crayons and color through these hidden image letter D worksheets. This worksheet focuses entirely on the letter D, with kids needing to spot the capital D’s and color them with one color and lowercase d’s and color them with another color.

As they color through the grid with letters and image of the letter D will appear, capital D on one of the worksheets and lowecase D on the other.

Great for letter revision.

Find the Letter D Worksheets

Work on the letters of the alphabet with these fun worksheets set. Find all the D’s and d’s and strengthen those important letter recognition skills by solving these letter D worksheets.
The set includes two pages with an uppercase and a lowercase letter D. D is for duck, so kids need to find and circle all the letters D and afterward color the images of a duck.

These find the letter D worksheets will come in handy as morning work, early finishers or as homework.

Find the Letter D Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste Letter D Worksheets

Cut and paste the loud drum, cute hedgehog, adorable dog, big dinosaur, shining lamp, young dolphin, sailboat, and delicious grapes. These alphabet worksheets focus on the D beginning sound.

Drum, dog, dinosaur, and dolphin go into the letter D column. As they identify the images – drum, dog, dinosaur, and dolphin, let them say the words out loud and ask them to identify the beginning sound – d for drum, d for a dog, d for a dinosaur, and d for a dolphin.

Hedgehog, lamp, sailboat, and grapes go into the not letter D column. Ask them what the beginning sounds are for the words hedgehog, lamp, sailboat, and grapes.

The second sheet is all about sorting letters.
Cut and Paste Letter D Worksheets for Kids

Letter D Mazes

Color all the boxes that have the letter D in them – both capital and lowercase, and a path through this letter maze will appear! These letter D worksheets will have kids work on their letter recognition and as they are easy and fun they are great for morning work.

3 worksheets included in this set, one focusing on capital D, one on lower case letter D and one that has a mix of both.

Review the Letter D Worksheets

D is for drum! Review the letter D with these letter D worksheets. Practice tracing words drum, deer, duck, trace the letters D and work on beginning sounds.

There are two worksheets in this letter D review worksheets set.

On the first page, you will find:
Big lower case and upper case letter D along with a drum
Letter tracing practice
Find the letter D
Word tracing: drum, deer, and duck

On the second page, you will find:
Big lower case and upper case letter D along with writing directions
Letter D writing practice
Beginning sound practice – images of robot, drum, butterfly, and duck, and kids need to color in the pictures starting with letter D.

Working on the whole alphabet at the same time? Grab this resource as a handy alphabet bundle here.

Letter D Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets


Draw and Trace Letter D Worksheets

Trace the letter D! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw a duck. Or a dog, dinosaur, donut, deer, daisy, drum, doll, door or anything else that starts with the letter D.

Two alphabet worksheets in this set, upper case D and lower case D

With our draw and trace letter D worksheets, your kids will get to unleash their creative side!

As they draw their letter D creation, their hands will warm-up which will then make tracing the letter so much easier.

Draw and Trace Letter D Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste a Letter D Worksheets

Delight your little students by giving them these fun cut and paste alphabet worksheets. As this set focuses on the letter D it’s perfect for the D letter of the week. Some kids might struggle with regular worksheets, but when you have a worksheet that includes cutting and pasting, kids don’t view them as work anymore, it’s pure fun and play.

This alphabet worksheet helps with letter recognition as kids solve the puzzle (cut and paste the puzzle pieces) and build an image of the capital D and small d. As the letters are only outlined, the kids can complete the task by coloring in the letter d.

Cut and Paste Build a Letter D Worksheets

Letter D Color by Letter Worksheets

Flowers and footprints make D’s and d’s easy with our letter D worksheets.

Two images to uncover, the pretty flower and a big mysterious footprint, all by solving this letter d color by code worksheet.

On the first sheet, kids will color the D’s pink and d’s green. An image of a beautiful flower will show.
On the second one, the D’s are black and the d’s orange, revealing a mysterious footprint. Letter D Alphabet worksheets with a pink flower and an orange footprint await you.

Letter D Color by Letter Worksheets

Letter D Tracing Worksheets

Trace the words duck and dinosaur along with a bunch of D’s and d’s with this set of the letter D tracing worksheets.

The super adorable duck and a majestic ancient dinosaur make this set of the letter D alphabet worksheet more engaging.

Trace capital D’s and the capitalized word DUCK as well as lower case letter d and the word dinosaur. Once done tracing kids can color the super adorable duck and a majestic ancient dinosaur image (yellow or orange for the duck, and green and blue for the dinosaur, or any other color).

Letter D Tracing Worksheets

Letter D Worksheets

These letter D alphabet worksheets are great for preschool and kids in kindergartner as well as older kids who struggle with their ABC’s.

The set includes 8 different pages with a lot of tracing, coloring, and handwriting.

On the first worksheet, kids need to find all the objects that start with the letter D. Dolphin, drum, duck and dragonfly.

Second worksheet will have the kids tracing the dashed lines and forming the lowercase and uppercase letters.

Continue to the third page, where students need to recognize letters and find all the D’s and circle.

The next page is also about searching and identifying letters. Kids need to find the “D’s” and “d’s”, color those sections orange to reveal the hidden image.

Next worksheet is a letter maze.

Continue to the two pages where kids will be tracing letters, one whole page dedicated to capital D and one to lower case D.

On the last page of the set, kids need to  look at the simple sentences and color all of the letter D’s they can find.

Letter D Alphabet Worksheets