Kindergarten Pumpkin Math Activities

Work on math with a fun set of Kindergarten Pumpkin Math Activities.

They are great for kindergarten students and fun to solve.

Kindergarten Pumpkin Math Activities

This set includes the following activities: counting to 12, matching and tracing numbers, drawing the correct number of pumpkin seeds, and number recognition.

It is perfect for kindergartners and all the children who need fun math practice.

Kindergarten Pumpkin Math

Color by Shape Worksheets

Color by number worksheets are super popular, so this slightly modified color by shapes worksheets are pretty fun too. Students will be identifying their 2D shapes by coloring them according to the color key provided. These shape worksheets are perfect for morning work, review, homework or as a part of regular shapes unit.

Shapes included are: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, rhombus/diamond, trapezoid, star, heart, pentagon, oval.Color by Shape Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Find, Trace and Color Shapes Worksheets

These simple find, trace and color shapes worksheets are perfect for small groups or morning work.

With this set, your students (or kids) will work on pre-writing skills as well as practice shape identification.

Find, Trace and Color the Shapes Worksheets  Preschool and Kindergarten

Color it, Trace it, Draw it Shapes Worksheets

This set of shapes worksheets are great to use for shapes review. They will help your students to practice recognising and drawing shapes as well as have some coloring fun. Each of the 11 pages focus on 1 shape – a circle, a square, a rectangle, an oval, a triangle, a pentagon, a hexagon, trapezoid (US) / trapezium (UK), rhombus (a version with diamond shape name), a star, and a heart.

Each worksheet has 3 sections. In first section kids are asked to color the shape, trace the shape along the dashed lines and to try and draw the given shape on their own. Second part is the name of the shape that needs to be traced. This is great for shapes vocabulary as well as writing exercise. Last part is “search and colo” where students are asked to identify a given shape in the group of various shapes and color it.

Color it, Trace it Draw it - Shapes Worksheets - great for revision


How Many Corners? Shapes Worksheets?

How Many Corners Shapes Worksheets

This geometry worksheets set is great for kindergarten and first grade. It focuses on 2D shapes and lets young learners observe how many corners each of the given shape has. w

You can laminate these shape worksheets for durability to use with dry erase markers. These are great for morning work or to be given to students as homework for shape revision (we also have a How many sides version of these worksheets, which complement this set nicely, as well as many other shape activities).

Both US and UK spelling available (trapezoid/trapezium) and both diamond and rhombus shapes are included on separate worksheets.

How Many Corners - Shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten and First Grade

How Many Sides? Shapes Worksheets

These basic geometry worksheets encourage kids to explore the sides of each of the basic shapes as they are asked to count and circle the correct number of sides of each given shape. This helps them learn more about 2D shapes and their characteristics. These shape worksheets are made for kindergarten and first grade and come with both diamond and rhombus name. Both versions are also available in both UK and US spelling.

Shapes included: square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, pentagon, diamond/rhombus, trapezoid/trapezium.

Answer key included.

How many sides does a shape have? Shapes worksheets for kindergarten and first grade

Find and Color Shapes Worksheets

Find and Color - Shapes Worksheets

This set of basic shapes worksheets is great for shape recognition to use in late preschool, kindergarten or first grade.  Great for morning work as it focuses on easy learning and requires no prep. This set of geometry worksheets helps kids identify some of the basic 2D shapes.

8 shapes are covered in this printable set: circle, square, rectangle, star, heart, oval, triangle, octagon. Both US and UK spelling included.

Find and Color all The Shapes Worksheets - Kindergarten and Grade 1