Paper Plate Mole Craft Template

Get ready to paint and assemble your Mole Paper Plate Craft Template.

It’s super easy and a lot of fun!

Mole Paper Plate Craft

You will get one tracing template in this set. Follow the provided instructions on how to assemble the mole.

Paint some grass, sky, sun, a molehill and glue some flowers.

After your paper plate is painted, cut through the molehill and slide your mole from the backside to make it peek out.


Mole Paper Plate Craft Template

Silly Rodent Coloring Pages

Silly Rodent Coloring Pages

Looking for some cute rodent coloring pages for your kids to color? These animal coloring pages are perfect for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten as they are simple and fun to color in.

We got a collection of 5 silly rodent coloring pages for them to enjoy.

In this pack, you will get a rat peeking out of a bin, a hamster, a guinea pig, a mole, and a mouse holding a piece of cheese.

They can be used as a story starters or simply as fun coloring pages.

Grab those colorful crayons and keep your kids busy for some time.

Silly Rodent Coloring Pages