Printable Monkey Mask Template

Who is a funky monkey? Surprise your class with this fun crafty project. Print the pre-colored mask or, even better, the coloring page mask and have the kids make their own animal mask.

No need to have them stick with traditional coloring supplies either, have them use scrap paper to make a collage art to give the mask a cool texture.

Printable Monkey Mask Template

Silly Monkey Coloring Page

Coloring Page Silly Monkey

This silly monkey coloring page is no monkey business. It is fun to color and is perfect for a quiet time.

The design is simple enough for the youngest ones to color in and fun enough for the older kids to enjoy too (and they can add some of their own backgrounds such as tree leaves)..

The animal coloring page is also great for fine motor skills practice.

Silly Monkey Coloring Page for Kids

Printable Gorilla Mask Template

Who is the strongest and smartest gorilla? Print out our gorilla mask template and let the kids learn all they can about these magnificent apes.

Both pre-colored mask as well as a black and white gorilla mask template that kids can decorate are included. With the black and white one the kids don’t have to limit themselves to coloring supplies only, why not use tissue paper and / or other scrap materials to add some texture to their masks.

We recommend printing on heavier paper or regular paper and sticking the template on heavier paper (recycled boxes are great for the masks).

Printable Gorilla Mask Template

Monkey Directed Drawing – How to Draw

This fun how to draw a monkey guide will be great for students who like drawing and even students and kids who think they don’t know how to draw. The easy to fol ow monkey drawing directions will have the kids drawing an adorable little monkey in no time.

9 simple steps to follow and you are done.