Surprise Monster Printable

Big Mouth Monster

What hides inside this monster’s mouth? Have your kids draw all kinds of different things that could be hidden inside with this Surprise Big Mouth Monster Printable.

Big Mouth Monster

Printable Monster Mask Template

Put on a scary face or just use our Printable Monster Mask Template and say “Raaaaaaaaaaa”.

This silly monster mask comes in black and white mask to color as well as a full color mask.

We’ve made this one to be very basic so kids can really get creative when they color it in. Maybe draw an additional eye? Or spots, stars or triangles. A nose with a mole maybe? Create the silliest monster possible.

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Super simple low prep craft for kids – print these monster clothespin puppets and have a craft day with your kids.

These are really fun to make, they make a great Halloween craft, and most importantly kids love them. Great for fine motor skills and imagination.

There are 4 monsters designs waiting to be printed and all of them come in both black and white and full color version. Instructions included on each page.

Printable Monster Clothespin Puppets

Video tutorial:

Silly Monsters Coloring Pages

Silly Monster Coloring Pages

Are you ready for Halloween? Print this set of monster coloring pages, there are 4 different monster designs just waiting to be colored by your kids.

Let the children grab their favorite coloring supplies and have them bring this monsters to life.
If your kids are afraid of monsters, these Halloween coloring pages are also great to help them overcome that fear. After your kids finish coloring all of the pages, you can display the colored monsters all over your home or in the classroom. The silly monsters will become guardians of your home or classroom and will keep other monsters away.
Monster Halloween Coloring Pages