Octopus Paper Hats Printable Template

Create your own octopus paper hat using this set of templates. It’s super fun to wear and easy to assemble. Kids can use their best coloring supplies to color the octopus on their own or choose the pre-colored or partly-colored version to print.

Octopus Paper Crown

The set also includes octopus 8 tentacles, so kids can glue them onto the hat to make this beautiful animal stand out. These lovely ocean critters will entertain your kids during pretend-play or storytelling.

To assemble the octopus paper crown, follow the instructions on the last page.

Octopus Paper Hat Template

Octopus Coloring Pages

Looking for some summer printables? Enjoy coloring a bunch of Octopus Coloring Pages.

They will be perfect for holidays and to keep your kids busy with a bunch of different octopus designs.

Octopus Coloring Sheets

This set includes 30 octopus coloring pages. You can choose between the most easy-to-color to more detailed pages older kids will love.

Just perfect for summer coloring.

Octopus Coloring Pages

3D Paper Octopus Craft Template

Want to create something special for summer? This 3D paper octopus craft template will be perfect for kindergartners.

It’s super easy to assemble and fun to color and play with, as it can spin its head around.

3D Paper Octopus Craft

There are three different versions of the 3D octopus in this set. A printer-friendly version that kids can color, a blue octopus on a yellow base, and a pink octopus with a blue base.

The craft is easy to assemble following the provided instructions. Print out the template, cut out the pieces, use a split pin to secure the two circles, and glue on the head parts.

Your 3D paper octopus can now spin its head around 360 degrees.

3D Paper Octopus Craft Template

Printable Octopus Mask Template

Octopus Printable Mask

Octopus is a super smart creature – once your kids put on an octopus mask we are sure they will get their “smart on”.

This mask comes in both a pre colored version as well as a black and white one for the kids to color in by themselves. It’s a wonderful activity for summer camps or to do in the classroom when you are exploring ocean life or learning about octopus in general.

Combine this mask with our other sea animals masks (or other masks) and put on a play.

Printable Octopus Mask Template

Simple Octopus Paper Craft

This fun octopus paper craft is great for scissor practice – we’ve included a variety of templates so you can easily get just the one that’s right for your age group.

This little fellow can be used both as an octopus craft or as an jellyfish craft.

Single page craft, as well as classroom friendly version with body pieces and head on separate sheets perfect for printing on paper in different colors.