Panda Paper Box Craft Template

Have fun making a neat candy holder with our Panda Paper Box Craft Template.

Grab your tools and make as many as you want!

Panda Paper Box Craft Template

The set includes three different templates.

You can use a tracing version – to upcycle your used soft drink paper boxes. Print out the black and white or a full-colored version, and make your panda that way.

After you finish, you can put some candies or any other tiny goods into the panda box.

It will look great as a table decoration!

Panda Paper Box Craft

Printable Panda Mask Template

Panda Printable Mask

When it comes to bears, panda bears really are something special.

If your students are learning about pandas or bears in general, these printable panda masks will be a wonderful addition to the lesson. Learning through play is always the best.

Print out the masks on heavier print paper (or regular paper and glue the, on a heavier background), cut out the eyes (older kids can do this by themselves while younger ones will need assistance). Punch holes and tie elastic.

Printable Panda Mask Template