Printable Fall Activities

Learn with our set of Printable Fall Activities and work on patterns, counting, sorting, and solving puzzles.

The set is fun and perfect for kindergarten kids.

Printable Fall Activities for Kids

The whole set includes six pages with five different activities.

The first one is patterning – cut out the leaf cards and continue the three patterns. After that, kids can make up their patterns and play with the sequences of leaves.

Continue with the second activity by sorting colors – students will use the same leaf cards as in the first activity and place them over the sorting mat.

On to the next page, they’ll find a counting activity. Kids will count the leaves on each card and circle the correct number.

The next activity is a coloring worksheet – grab your red, brown, and orange marker and use the key to color the leaves accurately.

Finish off by cutting apart the four different leaves, mix them up, and reassemble them to solve the puzzle.

We recommend laminating the activity parts and sheets to make them last longer.

Printable Fall Activities

Bugs Patterns File Folder Game

Learn with bug patterns file folder game and find the accurate bug that finishes each pattern. The game will strengthen pattern recognition skills, is easy to assemble, and fun to play.

Bugs Patterns File Folder Game

The game’s goal is to finish the given bug pattern by choosing the accurate image that ends the pattern. The patterns included are ABAB and AABB and are perfect for pre-K and kindergarten students.

The file folder game includes a bug, a dragonfly, a caterpillar, a bee, a butterfly, and a ladybug.

Laminating the pieces will make the game last longer.

Bugs Patterns File Folder Game for Kindergarten

Christmas Pre-K and K Activities

Do your kids need to work on numbers and essential math skills? No worries, we got a printable Christmas Pre-K, and K Activities set to help them out.

This set includes four pages of activities.

On the first page, kids will need to recognize numbers from 1 to 4 and color by number the lights on the Christmas tree.

The second page is all about counting objects – students need to count the same images, then write how many there are. They’ll be counting Christmas hats, Gingerbread Men, candy canes, Xmas tree ornaments, Christmas tree lights, and trees.

Continue to the fourth page, where children will make patterns out of four different Gingerbread Men. Cut out the 16 images, and have them make different patterns. This activity will improve their pattern recognition skills.

And on the last page, there are four different present shapes kids need to recognize and connect them with their words with a line. After they finish, they can trace the words and the shapes with a marker.

Christmas Pre-K and K Activities

Halloween Patterns File Folder Game

Patterns File Folder Games

Practice ABAB and AABB patterns with this Halloween Patterns File Folder Game. Have your kids finish the sequence of Halloween monsters by adding the last monster in the set.

The pattersn are as follow;

ABAB – witch, mummy, witch, mummy.

ABAB – skeleton, bat, skeleton, bat

ABAB – vampire, witch, vampire, witch

AABB – mummy, mummy, vampire, vampire

AABB – bat, bat, vampire, vampire

ABAB witch, skeleton, witch, skeleton

ABAB mummy, bat, mummy, bat

AABB skeleton, skeleton, witch, witch.

Laminate this Halloween Patterns File Folder Game for long durability.

Halloween Patterns File Folder Game