Penguin Craft Template

Penguin in the Snow Craft Template

We have a perfect activity for warming up those chilly hands – a penguin in the snow craft template!

Watch your kids bring these cute birds to life, adding a unique touch with colors, scissors, glue, and a sprinkle of snowy magic.

Penguin in the Snow Craft Template

The printable set includes two sheets – one giant penguin and two smaller ones on one page.

Kids can color the penguin, cut it out, and glue it onto cardstock.

Then, they can paint a snowy wonderland around their penguins, adding charming snowflakes to complete their masterpiece!

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Penguin in the Snow Craft

Penguin Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Penguin

Penguin Guided Drawing Printable

We’re sharing a fun and educational resource with your kids – a how to draw a penguin tutorial!

This excellent guide is just what you need for the winter season!

Penguin Guided Drawing Printable

The set includes two printable tutorials designed especially for kids!

The guide features eight easy-to-follow steps, making drawing an adorable penguin easy!

Choose among two versions – one with a space for drawing on it and one with an extensive tutorial throughout the sheet.

Kids will develop and improve fine motor skills and boost creativity through an engaging artistic activity.

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How to Draw a Penguin Step by Step Tutorial

Build a Puppet Christmas Craft

Build a Puppet Christmas Craft Template

Bring joy to your home or your classroom with our build a puppet Christmas craft templates. In this festive activity, your kids will create cute Christmas paper puppets that are so much fun to play with.

Build a Puppet Christmas Craft Template

The whole set includes 5 Christmas characters.

Kids can assemble a Santa Claus, an elf, a reindeer, a snowman, or a penguin puppet – all of them available as black and white puppets for kids to color in or use as stencils to trace on colored paper or as a pre-colored Christmas craft templates that do not require coloring.

Simple to follow instructions are included with every character.

Regular print paper or cardstock are best for this craft.

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Build a Puppet Christmas Craft

Penguin Coloring Pages

Penguin Coloring Sheets

Introducing our adorable set of Penguin Coloring Pages – a delightful way to add a splash of creativity and cuteness on a winter day. Perfect for kids and adults alike, these charming penguin illustrations are designed to bring joy.

Penguin Coloring Sheets

The whole set includes 30 penguin coloring sheets with designs suitable for kids of all ages.

This collection includes these magnificent birds in playful scenes and adorable penguins in various settings.

These pages will be helpful for students who finish early in the classroom or as an engaging activity to keep them busy at home.

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Penguin Coloring Pages

Polar Animals Pop Up Cards Template

In this set you will find:

  • penguin pop up card
  • polar bear pop up card
  • walrus pop up card
  • baby seal pop up card
  • orca / killer whale pop up card

All of these cards come as pre colored cards that just need some cutting and gluing to get them into action, as well as black and white outlines / coloring pages that kids can color in however they see fit.

These are a fun addition to your polar animals theme – they are a low prep activity that doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Great if your are looking for a polar animals craft (penguin craft, walrus craft, seal craft, killer whale craft or polar bear craft).

We recommend printing on cardstock paper for better durability.

Polar Animals Pop Up Card Templates

Silly Penguin Coloring Pages

Silly Penguin Coloring Pages

Looking for some cute coloring pages to keep your kids busy? These silly penguin coloring pages will entertain them for quite some time during the cold winter days.
The set includes 4 pages of different penguins to color in.
These winter coloring pages are great for younger kids who can color in the wide areas with their favoritec rayons or markers. The silly looking designs will entertain older kids too.

Printable Silly Penguin Coloring Pages

Penguin Clothespin Puppets

Penguin Clothespin Puppets

Penguin clothespin puppets make for a great winter craft for kids.

If you are studying polar animals, this set of printable puppets will be a fun addition to your unit study. 4 different penguin desings are included in this set, and each and every one of them comes in both black and white design the kids can color in by themselves and a precolored version that is ready to go.

Simple instructions are included on every page of this printable.

Printable Penguin Clothespin Puppets

Printable Penguin Mask Template

Penguin Mask

There are all kinds of birds on our planet but penguins remain one of the coolest ones (and not just because they live in a cool environment).

They can’t fly but they can swim, now if that’s not a cool bird feature we don’t know what is. There are many fascinating things your kids can learn about penguins and we are sure these printable bird masks will make the learning even more fun. Both pre-colored and coloring penguin mask included.