Winter Play Dough Mats

Winter Play Dough Mats

This set of winter playdough mats will have your kids using play dough in many creative ways.

They are great for toddlers, pre-K, and kindergarteners as they encourage kids to use their imagination.

Included prompts: Add more snowflakes, Create designs on the mittens, Build an Eskimo an igloo, Make a face for the snowman, Add snow to the cabin’s roof, and Make a hat and scarf for the boy.

Manipulating play dough will strengthen the fine motor skills.

Winter Play Dough Mats Printable

Outer Space Play Dough Mats

Fly into space with our set of Outer Space Play Dough Mats. There are 9 colorful mats in this printable set.

These mats are perfect for toddlers, pre-K students, and kindergarteners as playing with play dough is great for their fine motor skills. These mats have creative prompts, asking kids to do all kinds of things – add a ring to the planet, wings to the rocket ship, desing a flag on a freshly landed planet or even make an alien.

Let your kids use their imagination and fill the last three mats however they want.

Outer Space Play Dough Mats Printable

Spring Play Dough Mats

These colorful playdough mats are perfect for spring. They are appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

The printable mats are great for strengthening and reinforcing the development of your kid’s fine motor skills while playing.

There are 6 spring-themed playdough mats in this set.

Prompts included: Make black spots on the ladybug, Add color to the rainbow, Decorate the butterfly’s wings, Add raindrops to the sky, Add petals to the flowers, and Complete the caterpillar’s body.

Spring Play Dough Mats Printable

Summer Play Dough Mats

Summer Play Dough Mats

This set of summer playdough mats encourage toddlers, pre-K kids and kindergartners to either create scenes by follow up instructions or use their imagination and make a summer scene of their own.

Creating shapes with playdough is great for fine motor practice and helps kids to strengthen those skills.

Prompts included in the set: Make a campfire, Add more hotdogs to the grill, Make seeds for the watermelon, Make a sandcastle, Add fish to the ocean view, and Make an ice pop.

Laminate the mats for durability.

Summer Play Dough Mats Printable

Monster Eye Counting Activity Mats

These monster eye counting activity mats are great for Halloween or when you need some fun “numbers to 10” hands on activites for your kids.

There are ten different counting mats in this set. Each one has a colorful monster on it, a large outline of the numeral (from 1 to 10), the number word, and an empty ten frame.

Kids can finger-trace and fill the big numeral on each page with playdough or trace it with dry-erase markers.
Then they will need to place the correct amount of eyes on each monster and on the ten frames – this can be done with counters, the printable eyes included in this set or even playdough.

Monster Eye Counting Activity Mats

Fairy Tale Play Dough Mats

Printable Fairy Tale Playdough Mats

This hands-on activity is perfect for toddlers, pre-K, and kindergarteners. The fairy tale play dough mats encourage young students to follow the prompts on each page and place their playdough creations on the mats.

Working with playdough is great for strengthening fine motor skills.

Prompts included: Make wings for the dragon, Make a crown for the princess, Make a horn for the unicorn, Make a drawbridge for the castle, Make a shield for the knight, and Make a wand for the fairy.

There are also 3 fairy tale mats without prompts, so your kids can make up their own story and fill each mat however they want.

Printable Fairy Tale Playdough Mats

Printable Christmas Playdough Mats

These Christmas play dough mats encourage young kids (toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten age kids) to use their imaginations to complete the pictures on these mats. Great for fine motor skills.

These are great for morning work. Included prompts: Make Santa’s Hat, Make a Face for the Elf, Make Cookies for Santa, Decorate the Christmas Tree, Make Stripes for the Candy Cane, Make Antlers for Rudolph, Make a Bow for the Christmas Gift, Decorate the Gingerbread Man.

Printable Christmas Play dough Mats

Pumpkin Number Mats – Numbers 1 to 10

Pumpkin Number Mats - learning the numbers from 1 to 10

These printable number mats can be either used as play dough mats (or to be used with erasers or other small objects) or as worksheets (handy ink saving black and white version being perfect for that).

They are great for reinforcing number sense and fine motor skills if used with play dough. The goal is to build the number on a ten frame, trace the number on the writing line, write the numbers from 1 to 10 independently and to read o numbers.

We do recommend laminating these mats so that they can be used multiple times.

Printable Number Mats perfect for fall and Halloween

Printable Halloween Play Dough Mats

Printable Halloween Play Dough Mats

A wonderful set of printable Halloween mats for kids. 12 creative designs that challenge the kids to create the missing elements – design a hat for the witch, make a face for the Jack-o-lantern, make legs for the spider and many more.

Print, laminate and give your kids to get creative with.

Most of the designs can also be used with dry erase markers.

Great for fine motor practice for toddlers, preschool and kids in kindergarten.

Printable Halloween Play Dough Mats