Princess Paper Craft Template

Have fun with your kids with the help of our Princess Paper Craft Template.

You can use it as a gift for Mother’s Day or display your princess on a wall for any other occasion.

Princess Paper Craft Template

The set includes one tracing template.

Kids need to trace the parts onto color papers, glue them on, and assemble their princess.

This craft is super fun for younger and older kids and improves fine motor skills.

Have fun making your paper, princess!

Princess Paper Craft

Princess Outline Templates

Princess Outlines

These princess outlines can be used in many different crafts – have the kids design the princess dresses by drawing in their designs inside the princess silhouettes or have them use a selection of materials to fill in the dress. Let their imagination soar as they make this princess craft.

The princess silhouette comes in three different sizes and both as a black filled silhouette and line outline that can be filled in or used as a stencil on colored construction paper.

Printable Princess Coloring Pages

It’s time to get royal with our set of printable princess coloring pages! So many fun designs to choose from, from simple ones to more detailed ones for your kids or you to enjoy.

Princesses in stories sure are magical and they are loved by many girls and boys. If you have a princess fan in your home or you are throwing a princess-themed party these designes are just what you need. Print them all out (or just a few), bring out the coloring supplies and let your kids color.

Princess Guided Drawing – How to Draw

Improve your drawing skills with our princess guided drawing tutorial and learn how to draw this beauty.

It’s perfect for kindergartners and older kids, easy to follow, and a whole lot of fun.

Princess Guided Drawing Printable

There are two different layouts for printing. The first page has enough room for kids to draw the princess on its bottom, while the second layout is taking over the whole page and includes bigger step-by-step images.

The how to draw a princess tutorial is made out of 9 simple steps and comes in handy the whole year-round. You can add this guided tutorial to your how-to-draw book and have them all in one place.

How to Draw a Princess Step by Step Tutorial

Printable Prince and Princess Mask Template

Every good kingdom needs a prince and a princess (besides kings and queens) and these fun prince and princess masks will transform your little learners into royalty.

This set of princess and prince masks comes both in full color, with a vairiety of skin tones for each of the masks as well as a black and white coloring page mask template. With the coloring page masks, kids can decorate their own masks however they see fit.

Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring Pages

These adorable princess coloring pages are fun to color. The collection includes 4 different princesses that need your kid’s crayons or markers to color them in.

They will look absolutely gorgeous with vivid colors. The pages are appropriate for younger and older kids who need some busy time and love to color.

There are quite a few details on the dresses, so the kids can practice and strengthen their fine motor skills while having fun.

These pages are great for parties, as for the morning work or indoor recess.

Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring Pages for Kids

Grab your crayons and print these royal princess coloring pages. There are quite a few wonderful princess coloring pages included in this pack so there is lots of coloring fun to be had.

Princess Coloring Pages