How Many Sides? Shapes Worksheets

These basic geometry worksheets encourage kids to explore the sides of each of the basic shapes as they are asked to count and circle the correct number of sides of each given shape. This helps them learn more about 2D shapes and their characteristics. These shape worksheets are made for kindergarten and first grade and come with both diamond and rhombus name. Both versions are also available in both UK and US spelling.

Shapes included: square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, pentagon, diamond/rhombus, trapezoid/trapezium.

Answer key included.

How many sides does a shape have? Shapes worksheets for kindergarten and first grade

2D Shapes Posters

2D Shape Posters

This simple 2D shapes posters will look great on your classroom wall. There is a variety of shapes included (with different name variants for some of the shapes). These come in both US and UK version.

Shape Posters

2D Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards

Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards - a fun game of bingo to work on shapes and colors

Play a fun game of BINGO and review shapes and colors. These 2D Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards are perfect to use in the classroom, and with 30 different bingo cards the whole class will be able to partake.

These bingo cards print to per sheet and we do recommend you laminate them for continued use (and to use with dry erase markers or tokens).

2D shapes and colors bingo cards - fun bingo game to review shapes

Find and Color Shapes Worksheets

Find and Color - Shapes Worksheets

This set of basic shapes worksheets is great for shape recognition to use in late preschool, kindergarten or first grade.  Great for morning work as it focuses on easy learning and requires no prep. This set of geometry worksheets helps kids identify some of the basic 2D shapes.

8 shapes are covered in this printable set: circle, square, rectangle, star, heart, oval, triangle, octagon. Both US and UK spelling included.

Find and Color all The Shapes Worksheets - Kindergarten and Grade 1