Shark Paper Craft Template

Shark Paper Craft

We got an easy ocean animal to get creative with – use our Shark Paper Craf Template and have fun!

They will look great placed on a wall!

Shark Paper Craft

The set includes three printable templates.

Print out the tracing template if you want to trace the shark parts.

If your kids want to color the shark, choose the black-and-white version.

And if they want to start assembling the pre-colored shark, print out the last version in the set.

We recommend printing the pages on heavier print paper.

Shark Paper Craft Template

Peek-a-Boo Shark Craft

With its delightful peek-a-boo concept, this craft template will captivate children and adults alike. Dive into the world of these magnificent creatures as you bring your shark to life. Simply print the template, follow the easy instructions, and let your creativity take the plunge.

The black-and-white version allows you to customize your shark’s appearance. Bring out the artist within as you choose vibrant or realistic hues to make your shark truly one-of-a-kind. Let your imagination swim freely and experiment with different color combinations, patterns, and textures.

If you prefer a hassle-free experience, our pre-colored version is perfect for you. It showcases a beautifully designed shark with striking colors and intricate details, ready to be assembled. Just print, cut, and assemble, and your playful shark will be ready to make a splash in no time.

In addition to the shark craft, we added an extra touch of creativity with a collection of writing prompts. These prompts are designed to spark imagination and encourage storytelling, making them a fantastic addition to the craft activity. Incorporate the prompts by attaching them to the completed shark craft and transform them into a captivating bulletin board display in your classroom. Watch as your students’ written expressions dive deeper into the ocean-themed world, creating an immersive and educational experience for everyone involved. Let the combination of crafts and writing prompts inspire and engage young minds.

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Paper Shark Box Craft

Ready for the shark week? We got a Paper Shark Box Craft you can make with your kids.

It will be great for summer, fun, and easy to assemble.

Shark Paper Toy

The set includes two templates – a pre-colored one and a printer-friendly version. Kids can color their sharks however they want. You’ll only need this template, scissors, glue, and coloring supplies to put it together.

Instructions on how to assemble your shark paper toy are provided.

A perfect craft for summertime.

Shark Paper Toy Template

Shark Coloring Pages

Get your crayons running this summer and color an extensive collection of shark coloring pages.

These sea animal sheets are perfect for kindergarteners and older kids, as the set includes various designs.

Shark Coloring Sheets

There are 30 different shark coloring pages in this set. You will get to choose your favorite ones, print them out, and let the fun begin. The motives of sharks go from the most easy-to-color to more detailed ones. Kids will love coloring these fantastic ocean animals.

Shark Coloring Pages

Shark Color by Number Worksheets

This color by code worksheet is great for summer, especially during the shark week. Kids will be coloring different sections of the image by following the color key provided at the top of the page.
They will work on numbers all up to 7, simproving their number recognition and strengthening their fine motor skills at the same time.

After they’re done coloring the sections with accurate colors, the image of a cute shark will reveal.
These types of color by code worksheets are perfect for pre-K and kindergartners who love using their coloring supplies and need some fun number practice.

Silly Shark Coloring Pages

Silly Shark Coloring Pages

Get ready for shark week with this set of silly shark coloring pages. Naturally these ocean animal coloring pages can be used any other time of the year too.

The collection includes four different designs of sharks, from fierce looking to completely silly.

As the desings are simple, with big spaces to color they are perfect for younger kids (kindergarten and preschool) while older kids can take advantage of blank backgrounds to add their own designs.
They could also add bubbles, other fish or seashells to make the pages even cooler.

Printable Silly Shark Coloring Pages

Printable Shark Pop up Card

This shark is ready to take a bite! Make the coolest shark pop up card with your kids – this little craft is quick and easy to make and it’s made to entertain.

Print the template (multiple sizes available both in full color and black and white), color if you printed the black and white version and cut around the card. Also cut a rectangle out of red construction paper in the same size as the card. Fold both in half. Cut along the zig zag line between the teeth, make a couple of folds, add a dab of glue and you are done. A wonderful summer craft or a shark week craft for shark fans.

Shark Pop Up Card Printable Template

Shark Clothespin Puppets

Are you ready for shark week? Surprise your kids or your students with this set of shark clothespin puppets. These are a great summer craft for kids to make and they indeed are easy peasy.

There are 4 different shark designs (and they are all available both in black and white and full color as well as facing in the right and left direction).

These are super easy to make (simple instructions are included on each sheet) – print them on heavier print paper, if you printed the white and black version color it first, cut the outline, cut along the mouth line and stick on a clothespin.

Printable Shark Clothespin Puppets

Surprise Shark Card

Celebrate shark week with this Surprise Big Mouth Shark Printable, it’s a fun little shark craft that is more than perfect for summer.

Print the template on heavier print paper (preferably) have the kids color it and, if they want, draw additional details. Two folds later you have a wonderful paper toy card.