Printable Snowflake Templates

Snowflake Outline Templates

Whether you’re gearing up for a festive holiday craft session, decorating your home, or just having fun making snowflake designs, our set of printable snowflake templates has you covered.

Snowflake Outline Templates

The set includes eight snowflake designs in different sizes, each on a separate sheet with 40 pages altogether.

Each design comes as a giant snowflake (a printout of a snowflake on 1 page), a large star design (2 snowflakes on a sheet), a medium star template (3 snowflakes on one page), a small snowflake printout (including four snowflakes), and a mixed sizes snowflake outline template (with various snowflake sizes on one sheet).

Some ideas for crafting with snowflake outline templates:

  • use them as winter coloring pages
  • have kids use stencils to create window snowflake designs, then have kids use washable window markers to draw around the templates, making a snowy indoor scene
  • create a snowflake mobile by decorating the templates and attaching a string to each snowflake, and then hang them at varying lengths from a twig
  • fill the outlines with glitter glue or glitter pens along with the templates

Kids have endless possibilities with these snowflake printouts; there’s no limit to what they can create!

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Printable Snowflake Outline Templates