Paper Roll Space Shuttle Template

Paper Roll Space Shuttle

Blast off into a world of exploration with our paper roll space shuttle template!

The hands-on activity lets kids become young astronauts as they color, cut out, and assemble their space shuttle.

Paper Roll Space Shuttle

The set includes three printable templates.

Use a tracing template for kids to build the spacecraft with colored paper by tracing the parts.

Choose a printer-friendly version for those who love to color or a full-colored version that is ready to be cut out and assembled.

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Paper Roll Space Shuttle Template

Printable Moon Mask Template

What’s hidden on the dark side of the moon? Spark up a fun conversation in your class while kids wear this fun moon mask.

A fun way to learn about our natural satellite, add it to your day and nigh session, planet Earth unit study or space.

Comes as a full color mask as well as a black and white mask to color.

Outer Space Play Dough Mats

Fly into space with our set of Outer Space Play Dough Mats. There are 9 colorful mats in this printable set.

These mats are perfect for toddlers, pre-K students, and kindergarteners as playing with play dough is great for their fine motor skills. These mats have creative prompts, asking kids to do all kinds of things – add a ring to the planet, wings to the rocket ship, desing a flag on a freshly landed planet or even make an alien.

Let your kids use their imagination and fill the last three mats however they want.

Outer Space Play Dough Mats Printable

Spaceship Mothers Day Craft Template

This fun rocket Mothers day craft will make any mother proud! It makes for the most wonderful fridge display.

This I love you to the moon and back Mothers day craft can be made as a photo craft or you can encourage your kids or students to make an auto portrait of themselves inside the space ship.

The craft is fairly easy to make, youngest children will need adult help.

The craft template comes both in black and white for kids to color in and decorate on their own as well as a precolored template.

Spaceship Fathers Day Craft

Let the kids tell their father they love them to the moon and back with this fun Father’s day craft.

This fun craft is really easy to make and you can make it either as a Father’s day photo craft or have the kids draw themselves inside the rocket.

This rocket fathers day craft works best when printed on heavier print paper.

Both black and white template for kids to color and a pre colored template to print are included.