Connect the Clocks Telling Time Worksheets

These telling time worksheets will help your kids with improving their telling time in a fun by having them connect the analog and digital clocks with a line.
Students need to find the pairs and connect the analog and digital clocks that show the same time. This way they will learn there is more than one way to show the time.
The set includes 3 worksheets and will help your children to tell time by the hour, time by the half-hour, quarter past and a quarter to the hour, and time with 10-minute increments.Telling Time Worksheets for Kindergarten

Telling Time Worksheets

Help your kids improve on how to tell the time with these telling time worksheets.
There are 4 pages in this set.
On the first two pages, kids need to look at the analog clocks, read the hour and the minute hand, then write the time into the empty boxes of digital clocks.
The second two pages include analog clocks, where kids need to read the time and write it into the digital clocks below. Above these clocks, the time is written with words (o’clock, half past, quarter to).
They will get quite some practice and learn how to read analog clocks in no time.
Telling Time Worksheets for Grade 1

Telling Time File Folder Game

Telling Time File Folder Game

Practice telling time with this interactive file folder game. With this game your kids and/or students will be able to practice telling time to the 5 minutes, if you remove some of the game pieces you can also turn this one into telling time to the half hour, hour, 15 minutes or ten minutes, whatever your kids need at the moment.

Print out the sheets, cut and laminate the pieces and attach the hour hands with split pins (large split pins can be bought in most office supply stores or dollar stores).

Let the kids place numbers on the digital clock and match the hour on the analog clock by moving the clock hands.