Paper Garden Craft Template

Grow your vegetables this spring with our paper garden craft template. Print it out and assemble the fence, radishes, and carrots and let them enjoy the sunny day.

Paper Garden Craft

The set includes two printable versions.

The first one is a tracing template, where you choose your paper colors. The second version consists of a black and white template (where kids can use their favorite markers to color the pieces ) and a pre-colored template ready for cutting.

Both versions include instructions on how to put your veggie garden together. You could also replace the light blue background with black colored paper to make it look like it’s night.

Paper Garden Craft Template

Printable Garlic Mask Template

Why not become a garlic for a day! With our printable garlic mask template anything is possible.

This fun vegetable mask can be used to spark up a conversation about this strong odour veggie. You can talk about the fun facts, have the kids talk about where and how we use garlic and so much more.

Printable Pepper Mask Template

If your young learners are working on fruits and vegetables you can make things more fun for them by printing this vegetable mask.

Our Printable Pepper Mask Template comes both in full color mask as well as a pepper mask coloring page that kids can color in by themselves or use various materials to decorate the mask with.

Best printed on cardstock for longer durability.

Printable Carrot Mask Template

Quickly run or the bunny might just catch up and eat you! Print out these vegetable masks and transform your kids into the most adorable carrots the world has ever seen.

This printable carrot mask comes both as a coloring page masks and a full color mask.

They are great to use during the fruit and vegetables unit – have the kids wear the carrot masks while learning cool things about, well carrots. Where they grow, how they grow, how they taste and more.

Printable Carrot Mask Template

Printable Onion Mask Template

Onions can be stinky but your kids will be strikingly cute wearing these vegetable masks.

This printable onion mask will be great for your fruits and vegetables lesson. Learning fun onion facts certainly is more fun if they are told by an onion.

Print this mask (along with any other of our fruit and vegetables masks) and give your students an assignment to learn as much fun facts about the said fruit or vegetable as possible. Let them present their findings while wearing this mask.

Printable Brocolli Mask Template

Your kids don’t like eating broccoli? Turn them into one! We won’t promise your kids will develop love for borcolli by wearing this vegetable mask but at the very least it will be fun.

It’s a mask that will be fun to use when you are talking about fruits and vegetables. You can have the kid wearing the broccoli mask talk about what broccoli tastes like, how it can be eaten, where it grows… Both black and white broccoli mask to color and pre-colored one available.

Printable Tomato Mask Template

Am I a fruit or am I a vegetable? For the salad purposes I certainly am a vegetable, although I am a fruit ;).

Let the philosophical fruit or veggie debate commence – print out this tomato printable mask (we’ll call it a vegetable mask) and have your kids pretend play to be tomatoes.

A fun little mask that can spark all kinds of discussions.

Comes in both black and white tomato mask to color as well as pre-colored mask ready to wear straight away.

Printable Tomato Mask Template

Printable Radish Mask Template

With this Printable Radish Mask Template learning about fruits and vegetables becomes super fun. Print out this vegetable mask, either the full color radish mask that is ready to go or the black and white radish coloring page mask that kids have to decorate on their own.

The kids will look beyond adorable wearing these cute masks.

Printable Radish Mask Template (1)

Vegetable Coloring Pages

Learn the names of vegetables (and some fruit as some of these plants we consider vegetables but are technically fruits) with these fun coloring pages.

Vegetable Coloring Pages