Printable Weather Spinners

Weather Spinner

Have kids become masters of weather forecast learning with our Printable Weather Spinners!

They’re great for kindergartners and all the kids who need to improve their vocabulary.

Weather Spinner

This hands-on activity will be fun to learn with!

Print the three weather spinners, cut them out, and connect the parts with a split pin. Children can then spin the wheel, learn about the weather, and improve their weather-related vocabulary.

They will learn about the types of weather and how to describe it too.

The first spinner includes the following words: sun, wind, cloud, rain, rainbow, snow, storm, and tornado. On the second spinner, kids will learn the description words: sunny, windy, cloudy, rainy, partly sunny, snowy, stormy, and foggy. The third spinner includes the following ones: raindrops, snowflakes, cold, hot, lightning bolts, and hail.

We suggest printing the spinners on heavier print paper and/or laminating them for more prolonged use.

Printable Weather Spinner

Printable Rainbow Mask Template

Let your kids shine in all the colors of the rainbow with our printable rainbow mask template. This mask can be used just for fun or it can be used to help kids learn the order of the colors in a rainbow.

You can even test your kids if they know what order the 7 colors of the rainbow are in by giving them the black and white coloring page mask for them to color all on their own.

A fun weather mask to play with.

Printable Rainbow Mask Template

Weather Clip Cards

Weather Clip Cards

What’s the weather today? Enhance your student’s weather vocabulary with these engaging weather clip cards.

This set of clip cards includes 22 types of weather phenomena.

The cards include illustrations of a rainbow, tornado, lightning bolt, snowy, rainy, sunny, stormy, cloudy, partly sunny, windy, foggy, snow, rain, sun, cloud, fog, storm, wind, raindrop, snowflake, cold, and hot.

Kids look at each card, try to recognize the image, then read the 3 different names below each card, and clip a clothespin onto the matching answer to show what type of weather is shown. Alternatively they can also mark their answers with a dry erase marker, tokens…

Laminate the cards to make the fun last longer.