Wolf Coloring Pages

Grab your coloring supplies and print out the Wolf Coloring Pages collection.

The set includes easier and detailed wolf motives and is perfect for pre-k and kindergartners.

Wolf Coloring Sheets

There are 30 different wolf coloring sheets in this set – it will come in handy when learning about forest animals.

Kids can use whatever coloring supplies they want to color their wolves.

Wolf Coloring Pages

Wolf Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Wolf

Get into the woods with our step-by-step tutorial on How to Draw a Wolf. It’s super easy to follow and great for beginners.

Wolf Guided Drawing Printable

The printable set includes 2 same tutorials of how to draw a wolf in 9 steps. The first page has a blank part at the bottom for kids to draw their wolf. The second page has a larger layout and doesn’t have free space for drawing – kids need to draw their wolf on a separate paper.

Perfect whiče learning about forest animals.

How to Draw a Wolf Step by Step Tutorial


Printable Wolf Mask Template

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? No us! We think wolfs are amazing. If your kids or students are fans of wolves too, they are going to love this printable wolf mask. Both pre colored and black and white wolf mask template for kids to color in all by themselves are included.

Use this mask, along with our other printable forest animals masks (or other masks) and have a fun pretend play session. Or use this mask and play The Little Red Riding Hood (or any other story that features a wolf).

Printable Wolf Mask Template